Shopping For IWC Watches

IWC Schaffhausen is a high profile Swiss watch manufacturing company located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. IWC with a long history is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. Although its name not that symbolic and famous as other watches, the IWC watches are very highly ranked all over the world. IWC watches are considered to belong to a more withheld, classic style. Dubai offers several stores of IWC with its biggest store being in the Dubai Mall.

IWC Schaffhausen has a very interesting history and it is considered unique because it is the only watchmaker, which could establish a high profile in Eastern Switzerland. The other very interesting feature of IWC Watches is that it was found originally by an American watchmaker called F.A. Jones in the 1868 when he went to Switzerland specifically to establish a US-Swiss watch company which would implement the professionalism of Swiss watch-making into the American industry to establish a first class Swiss –American brand. The plan was that the watch details would have been manufactured in America and the watches would have been built together in Switzerland. Then with the passing away of Jones, for multiple generations the IWC Watches went to be owned by the Rauschenbach family and the ownership was passed in 2002 to the LMH group from which IWC was bought out by the Richemont Group of luxury goods though the management stayed in the hands of LMH Group.

The IWC has started with the building out of quality pocket watches, then changing to wristwatches and in the meantime, it worked for the famous Porsche car factory considering external design works. IWC was also pioneering with the few features, just like manufacturing the first titanium bracelet wristbands that go with its watches in 1978. IWC is also famous for its professional maritime and pilot watches. The notable models of IWC include the Saint Exupéry model first released in 2007 with a memorabilia collection and then re-released in 2009 as Big Pilot Saint Exupéry model as a limited edition out of which only 1900 items were made one of which were made out of platinum destined to be auctioned for charity.

The currently freshest collection of IWC is the Portofino Chronograph collection which was styled to resemble or follow the fashion of the outlook of classic Italian sports cars with a great quality chronograph, stopwatch, with convex sapphire glass self winding calibre first class quality watch. Interestingly IWC features its collection lines as families. Currently, the following families’ collections are the Da Vinci Family, the Ingenieur family, the Portugese family, the Aquatimer family, the Pilot’s watches family, the Vintage collection family and lastly the Portofino family. Additionally, the limited edition watches and the most expensive grande complications watches represent the highest quality pieces of IWC.

Quite unquestionably, Dubai is the highest selling of the limited editions and the most expensive and newest items for IWC Watches. The brand is very famous in the circle of yachters especially, known for its great durability. The main IWC store in Dubai can be found in the Dubai Mall but the two main retailers of IWC watches in Dubai, namely the Rivoli watches store chain and the prominent Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons jewellery and watch Retailer Company, also sell it. Their stores can be found in every shopping centres of Dubai, either on the Rivoli Prestige and the Seddiqi Stores.

Dubai is the paradise of exclusive and luxury goods, although the best pieces are bought up very quickly and the rarest pieces all have a long waiting list of customers, but there will not be such problem with the normal collections of IWC watches for sure. During the summer period, you can get IWC watches for a lot cheaper because of the discounts of the Dubai Summer Surprises.

Dubai is a wonderful city and it is renowned worldwide as a tourist resort. Dubai has more than fifty percent population of those people who are nationalist of other countries. It has become a trend to visit Dubai in vacations. People all over from the world love to visit Dubai with friends and family members. Dubai is famous for its attractive places. Shopping malls, markets, jewellery shops and hotels are significant feature of this beautiful land. Dubai was declared an official tourist resort in 2005. After this official announcement, investment all over from the world shifted here. Heavy investment in shopping malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels and famous retail outlets are observed in last three years. IWC is one of the examples of this. It is one of the world’s biggest watchmaker. It has more than fifty branches in all big cities worldwide.

IWC is the abbreviation of International Watch CO. It is a Swiss group. It is operational for last seven years in Switzerland. They started their setup in Dubai in the year 2010. It is the first retail outlet of branded watches in Dubai. International Watch CO has gained a very good reputation in Dubai. It is a private entity and Dubai has proved the most profitable land for International Watch CO. In the start, owner was living in Switzerland. However, after its incorporation in Dubai, Owner with his whole family has shifted in Dubai. Actual location of International Watch CO is the Dubai Mall’s Main Entrance Ground Floor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

International Watch CO is an international group and they have a vast experience in the field of manufacturing of watches. Basically they started as a manufacturer. Later on, they expand their setup and become the biggest seller of branded watches in the world. They deal in all types of watches in which wall watches and wristwatches are commonly traded. You can purchase a vast variety of watches from International Watch CO. Their branded watches can also be obtained from authorized dealers of International Watch CO. Gold watches are also available at IWC. They are the best in manufacturing and selling of watches. Watches are also exported to other countries of the world. You can also enjoy a vast variety of ladies and gents wrist watches. Be aware of the scammers. There are so many scammers who are manufacturing watches in the name of IWC. Do contact IWC and its authorized retail dealers for the genuine copy of watches.

International Watch CO has become a very established group in Dubai. It has only one branch in Dubai. The building of IWC is beautifully constructed. It remains full of customers throughout the day. You can enjoy shopping at IWC six days a week. It remains closed on Fridays.

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