The Address Dubai Mall

Hotel culture in the world has gained a great popularity in last ten years. Hotel depends totally on the tourism and tourism depends on the stability of the country and its beauty. In this respect, Dubai is an ideal location for tourism. According to a recent estimate, it has been declared as the most visited tourist resort. Hotel in Dubai is a very wonderful experience. Hotel in Dubai has become a profitable profession and the government is also supporting those businessmen who are operating hotels. There are more than seven hundred international hotels, which are operating under a license agreement. Since last two years, it is made compulsory for the owner to obtain a license otherwise he or she is not permitted to carry Hotel business in Dubai. Hotels in Dubai are renowned for quality services and standards. There is a very strict check of the quality control and it is ensured by the management that these hotels will operate above the minimum standard according to rules and regulations. On annual basis, these hotels are ranked on the basis of performance, quality and public opinion. The Address Dubai Mall is ranked consistently among top ten hotels of the world since last two years.

The Address Dubai Mall is a new entry in the market of hotel industry. It has changed the old style of hoteling in the whole world. It is enjoying a very positive feedback from the public and most visited hotels of the world. It is a private entity and carrying on business for the purpose of profits. The Address Dubai Mall has more than fifty branches which are operating business in all big cities of the world. Major cities of business are Dubai, Bombay, New York, Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, London and Dhaka. Dubai has proved a God gifted land for The Address Dubai Mall. Actual address of The Address Dubai Mall is Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are also available on telephone. Their contact number is +971 4 438 8888. You can fax also at + 971 4 438 7888. Their P. O. Box number is 31166, Dubai, UAE.

The Address Dubai Mall has two forty six fully furnished air-conditioned rooms. These rooms are very comfortable and you can enjoy beautiful and wonderful facilities like internet and LCD screens. Beautiful swimming pools, gyms, cafes, restaurants, bars, saloons, beauty parlours are the significant feature of The Address Dubai Mall. Arrangements in the hotels are very splendid. It is properly guarded and a very big parking area is available around the hotel. Cleanliness of the mall is always the first priority and its staff members are also famous for the customer friendly services. It is an ideal venue where you can spend your vacations with your loved ones and enjoy your honeymoon with your life partner. Management of The Address Dubai Mall is focusing seriously to extend the premises of the hotel and improvements in the standards are also one of their task.

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