The Best Beaches of Dubai

Dubai is a beachside city located alongside the Persian Gulf. As for geographical point of view, the shore of Dubai is a quite unlucky one, on which we mean that there are no bays, no islands nothing but the straight sandy beach, just like the Copacabana of Rio de Janeiro. Dubai does not have multiple beaches but one of them is a very long one called Jumeirah Beach.

The best Dubai beaches include the additional areas like the manmade islands; the functional island includes the Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, will not only duplicate or quadruple but provides a beachside ten times as big as it is now naturally. These Dubai beaches bring the potential of even more tourists, with their artificial lines, bays; even with the high-ranking plans of Dubai to establish its own Coral reef along the Jumeirah Beach, when these projects will be ready, then the number of the tourists will grow parallel with the length of the additional Dubai beaches. The Jumeirah Beach means partly the whole shoreline of Dubai and partly that specific shoreline which is the most popular of all. It comprises of Jumeirah Group’s settlements, such as the Souk Madinat, the Jumeirah Beach, and the trademark building of Dubai the Burj Al Arab and next to the private beaches. Dubai also has one of its biggest public beaches here. In addition, we must add the interesting fact, that Dubai does not use the entire beach for public reasons, in fact, the largest part of Dubai’s beach is not used or can be used only for short haul if you live nearby because they include absolutely no amenities, which means that these are not frequented beaches at all.

The Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeirah Island has a nicely equipped shore, besides that you can use either the hotels’ private beaches, or the so-called Beach Parks that have trees, bars, and some buffet as well. Those Western women alone are not suggested to bathe on the public beaches of Dubai and even if they do so, they should wear such {swimwear} that does not reveal much and a long beach cloth on the beach.

If you would like to visit more relaxed or nicer beaches, you have two options. You can visit the nearby lying Sharjah that is a very popular beach resort, yet its beach has the same qualities as the Dubai beaches. The other option is to make an excursion a little bit further up North to Umm Al Quwain emirate that has great shores some beautiful cities and some very nice diving places as well, as the town is full of bays and small islands.

If you would like to stay near the beach, then look for the hotels that are close to one public beach or find a good beachside resort with a private beach for you. Some further lying hotels try to attract customers with providing transfers to some of the Dubai beaches.

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