Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach not only situates in the centre of Dubai, but Jumeirah Beach can be called the “Heart of Dubai”. Being the best and most commonly used beach of the city, it also gives home to most of Dubai’s spectacular attractions.

Jumeirah Beach is situated in the Jumeirah district, which is by far the wealthiest district of Dubai. If you want to see real castles, then it is essential to visit the Jumeriah Beach. It has the highest number of both most modern and the post-modern skyscrapers in the whole Middle East, while enjoying all the sun and fun a beach has to offer, or to drop in to the best water park in the world to spend a few hours.

The Jumeirah district was named after the ancient Jumeirah people, who once lived in the area of today’s Emirates. They lived mainly of fishing and pearl diving. Then as the first foreigner merchandisers arrived and started to show interest in the quite rare pearl collections and other handicrafts of the Jumeirah people, they decided to start merchandising with them. It is from those times, the Jumeirah area, together with its people started to get richer and gain their worldwide known skills in doing business. Of course, the role of the Jumeirah beach has always been a key-role because of the growing water-traffic of merchandising ships.

There are so many attractions found both at and by the Jumeirah Beach that it would fill a book to talk about each one of them in detail. To mention the main ones is the world-famous Wild Wadi Water Park, having countless of special attractions and facilities which are not found anywhere in the world. Overall, it is a great place for families to enjoy a day there. Then, there is the main trademark building of Dubai, which everyone must have seen when looking at any ad of Dubai, the magnificent Burj Al Arab Hotel with its ship-like form.

Here, along the Jumeirah Beach, we can get to the enormous Dubai World Trade Centre. If we would like to have some cultural adventure, we can take part in a guided tour inside the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque or to take a walk to the nearby Medina or old town district of Dubai, which is the Bur Dubai district. This is really the best place to see traditional Arabic buildings and the best souks or marketplaces in Dubai. You can see and to buy some of the marvellous old-style Arabic artefacts. In addition, the biggest Gold Souk of Dubai is to be found in Bur Dubai.

The Jumeirah Beach gives home to such world-famous complexes as the brand new Dubai Marina living district, which looks like the Florida Bay, only with a lot bigger skyscrapers and so many of them! This district is the best to see in the evening, when the whole area beautifully enlightens. The Palm Jumeirah island complex is also found here, being one of the most luxurious living areas in the world where many of the richest and most famous have their homes.

Close to the Jumeirah Beach, we can also get to visit most famous educational “city-in the city”, the Dubai Knowledge Village. Moreover, this is just a very few out of the dozens of beauties found at the Jumeirah Beach, the very heart of Dubai.

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