Dubai World Trade Centre

We all know that Dubai today has a leading role in business. It connects to business in such a way that we can call it as “breathing” business. The role of merchandising had always been one of the most important activities of the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to its location, and the easy way to both to ship goods and to welcome them from all over the world. This why this building is an icon of Dubai, a trademark and a symbol of the role in which Dubai always has been one of the best. Due to this very important role, Dubai World Trade Centre serves as one of the base of the bases, a base to make deals to do business and finally yet importantly, even to enjoy doing it!

rabic people has always been the best in doing business, not only because of their situation, but also because they love business. They are born to make deals and we can say that the business has always been one of the main activities in the lives of Arabic men. It’s construction started back in 1978 by the famous Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the emperor of the Emirates at that time. The tower of the Dubai World Trade Centre is still standing in his memory, with its 150 meters height. It is one of the tallest buildings in Dubai.

When you take a walk into the building, you will see why it is called the base of business not only in Dubai but also in the whole world. It has countless offices all of which inhabited by one global leading company such as Sony or General Motors.

The Dubai World Trade Centre main building is the huge tower, which has 39 floors and altogether a 283 thousand square feet of offices and diverse catering and leisure services and that it is not yet finished. The reconstruction works have started several years ago, and are due to be finished by the end of 2011. The huge business complex, this Dubai skyscrper is getting a brand new congress centre, also a complex living area is built into it offering all services of high-quality living.

If we talk about Dubai World Trade Centre, it is really worth mentioning to be one of the most elite and prestigious businesspersons’ clubs, Dubai World Trade Centre Club, having the wealthiest and most important businesspersons of the Emirates among its members. The Dubai World Trade Centre Club has its own area inside the Dubai World Trade Centre as we can imagine having the most beautiful view to Dubai, and offering many luxurious services to its members.

As we can see, the Dubai World Trade Centre has still a leading role in the business life of Dubai and is one monument of modern life, which is really worth visiting. The tower is located quite near to the Emirates Towers, so the locations are suitable enough.

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