Infinity Tower

One of the skyscrapers, which has managed to earn the biggest fame, although still under construction, but soon to be finished, is the Infinity Tower. It was one of the main towers highlighted in the year of 2006 and due to its so-far unseen twisted form, which has attracted already many, has quickly led to the result, that all of its apartments, suites, penthouses were sold out, within a very short time.

Infinity Tower is so unique in design that the International Property Awards for the best architecture went to Infinity Tower, also winning awards in other different categories too regarding the best marketing strategy and the best website.

This considerable skyscraper, the Infinity Tower will also be in Dubai Marina, which has the initial plan to produce and operate the largest skyscraper jungle in its 10-hectare territory, in the New Dubai area, on the Jumeirah Beach. Among the many features, which are to make Infinity Tower a magnificent building, let us mention a few. The very same team has designed Infinity Tower: the Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Company that have designed the Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the whole world, for Dubai. The building’s twist in it will make it reach the 90 degrees, by making a 1.2-degree difference each floor will have in their setting, in order to be able to twist, making it the highest twisted skyscraper in the world. It is Interesting to note, that a building in Sweden called “Turning Torso” inspired the designers of Infinity Tower. They wanted a building giving multiple views and which represents a so-far new appearance for a skyscraper. The other feature, which will make the Infinity Tower outstanding, is a halo created by lights on its top, giving a beautiful and very futuristic edge to the Infinity tower.

Infinity Tower will house just everything from office to different types of flats, shopping centres. They will have eighty floors and will overdo 300 meters in height slightly. In addition, the designs will be such that they utilise many environmental friendly energy sources, such as solar batteries and will be consumption conscious as well. On the top of the building there will be a huge park, there will also be a huge leisure centre, with swimming pools, a gym, bars, restaurants, tennis court, conference centre, and we could go on.

Unfortunately the Infinity Tower, although such a promising building was not lucky so far. Around 2007, a nearby wall, which was to border the seawater, somehow broke down, letting a massive amount of water flooding the whole construction site. This has made a huge delay with the realisation, but by the summer 2010, the Cayan Development Company, which has the responsibility for the building of the Infinity Tower, could happily announce that 76 floors out of the 80 has been finally constructed.

Infinity Tower, when finished will be one of the leading buildings of Dubai Marina, giving a beautiful view from its windows either to the sea or to the sea and the Palm Islands and the marina. Therefore, it is no wonder that many wait impatiently for the Infinity Tower would be ready especially those, who already have reserved apartments there.

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