Dynamic Tower

When we see a place where even fantasy can become reality, where dreams can be realized, especially when talking about architectural pioneer works, then everyone knows Dubai is the place. A metropolis where there is always the chance for architectures to realise their dreams. Dynamic Tower is one representation of a dream getting chance. Dynamic Tower or Da Vinci Tower would be unique in many ways. Perhaps in too many, and in the end that is the reason why, after the big advertising campaign all around it, now we do not hear much about the actual realisation of Dynamic Tower.

We might remember the children’s toy, where one had to put rings of different size and colour on a stick or the famous Lego game. Where could you turn different parts of a structure or building individually as well? According to one of the latest architectural fantasies, this one of the Dynamic Tower really seemed to come true.

A few years ago, an architect called David Fisher came up with the idea to build such a building, where the floors would be able to turn individually and by this the whole system so-far used in constructions would be a revolutionary change, such as the building of the building itself.

It all seemed so nice. According to the designs of the Dynamic Tower, it would have been 420 meters tall and would have had eighty floors. Each floor built in a factory and not on the exact site of the construction. There would be a huge pole to which all the floors would go and the pole would enable the floors to turn together or individually with the utilisation of wind-power. This wind power would produce enough electricity to serve the whole building. These, together with the countless solar batteries planned to be built into the building would make the whole Dynamic Tower the most environmental-friendly. According to the researches, the mounting of the floors in a factory would also seemingly reduce the number of workers necessary for an ordinary construction due to which both the time and the costs of such a construction would be dramatically lesser.

Each floor of the Dynamic Tower would have been in a continuous movement, one floor would have been able to turn around in about one and a half hour. The so-far unknown feature a building never seen so far was the first feature, which has made the Dynamic Tower so famous when publishing its designs. With the movement of the floors, Dynamic Tower would have also been the very first building that is always in movement and can change its shape from time to time.

Therefore, after reading all these very optimistic and innovative details, we might start to wonder where the real problem lied, due to which this building seemed not to be constructed. There are rumours about the architect, and about disinformation on his actual experience and degrees. Contrary to all these, the Dynamic Tower seems a great and innovative idea in order to create more environmental-friendly and yet funny looking buildings such as the Dynamic Tower would be, in the future.

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