Princess Tower

We all know, that when it comes to record-breaking efforts in architecture, then in these past years Dubai is the very first, who indeed tries to break every possibly reachable record with its buildings, some of them remaining a dream for a while, some already realised, and many more somewhere in between. The Princess Tower is really a tower, which served its name in outlook, looking like a “fairytale-skyscraper”. The Princess Tower, located in the brand-new area of Dubai, the Dubai Marina complex, is a fine example of the huge competition in the real-estate business of Dubai.

The designs of the Princess Tower as the would-be largest buildings in Dubai, had their original planning to house only living-areas within, were first published already in 2005. The main developer of this beautiful skyscraper is the Tameer Company. The forecast of the success of the Princess Tower from the point of view of real-estate business is record-breaking. Tameer could not have known that their record-breaking will not give them the first place. As four years later, their rival Trident International Holding announced the building of the larger than large Pentominium, the future crown of Dubai Marina complex just by the Jumeirah Beach, which will outnumber the Princess Tower in height and its reason of building will be also all the same. The exact height of Princess Tower is 414 meters and has one hundred one floors.

In the meantime, with the good-speed construction of the Princess Tower, this brand-new residential skyscraper could open up its doors first to the public in 2010. The main qualities of Princess Tower definitely lies in the very high quality of all its services to those, who decided to live there, out of which there is already quite a lot. The Princess Tower is said to be all gold and silver inside, with the extensive usage of other interior decorations, and the best furniture of the Emirates. All the apartments, suites, penthouses have their very individual interior design based on the needs of a customer. Moreover, not only the rooms look magnificent, but also the welcoming hall of the beautiful Princess Tower planned to include a lot of gold covering together with other luxury interior elements.

The Princess Tower is also the very first “crowned” tower built in Dubai and probably in the world too. It wears a beautiful princess crown. The last area of Princess Tower is still under construction. However, all the living-area was finished back in 2010. The tower is finally finished, and opened to the public. Princess Tower includes a restaurant and a fitness area, a large swimming pool area with multiple pools and even a shopping centre, together with a nursery! There is a large parking area as well as part of the tower. From its windows, one can have a splendid view to the sea and to the nearby Dubai Palm complex.

Overall, Princess Tower is right now the most promising residential building in the New Dubai part of the city. Even if we do not exactly plan to buy one of its apartments, one part of Princess Tower also serves as a hotel. Therefore, this way, everyone can get the chance, to enjoy its luxury, great services and the magnificent view as well.

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