Dubai Palm Tree Islands of Dubai

Palm Tree Islands Dubai, are the palm shaped islands that are being developed in the shores of Dubai, by the famous developers, Nakheel Properties. These are called palm tree islands because they are being constructed in the shape of a palm tree, with crown, trunk and fronds. All three islands of Palm Jumeirah, Palm Diera and Palm Jebel Ali are together known as Palm islands. The developers believe that once the construction on the islands is over, they will surely be the eighth wonder of the world. It is no doubt that with the completion of these islands, Dubai will undoubtedly maintain its foothold of being the top tourist destination of the world.

Every Palm Tree Island has been planned with years of meticulous planning and thinking. The other factor was to ensure that there was minimum harm to the environment. It took almost four years for the plans to get finalized for this project. It is estimated that after the completion of the development of the island, the islands will increase the beaches of Dubai city by more than 520 kilometers. As per plans, each settlement will resemble a palm tree. It will have a trunk along with a crescent. In each of these islands, there will be a lot of scope for entertainment, leisure, and residential areas.

As per the plans, the first two islands will have several millions of tons of sand and rock. The third island – Palm Diera will have almost 1 billion cubic meters of sand and rock. All the three islands will have every amenity and facility for the convenience and comfort for the guests. The islands are well connected with each other through air transport and bridges, which were developed in the second phase of construction. These islands will have more than 100 luxury hotels, several comfortable and luxurious apartments and villas, entertainment scope for residents and tourists in the form of shopping malls, health spas, restaurants, water-theme parks, as well as sports facilities. The island consists of every kind of amenity that a tourist may look for any tourist spot. Each Palm Tree Island will surely be shoppers and tourists’ paradise.

The construction work on the beautiful Palm Jumeirah started in June 2001. Just after this reclamation work on the other island, Palm Jebel Ali was announced and the reclamation work started. The construction work on the third island, Palm Diera, started in October 2004, which involved a total area of 46.35 sq kilometer. As per the construction plans of the developers, construction and development work on all the three islands was planned to take ten to fifteen. However, due to the recent global crisis, the project has been delayed a bit. It is expected that development and construction will resume soon.

Though many houses have already been sold to many families, still many homes are yet to be rented or purchases. As on date, more than 500 families are living in the Palm Tree Island and enjoy some of the best living conditions that one can imagine.

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