Palm Deira

Palm Deira is the last one and the largest of the Palm Trilogy. It will not only be able to host many people, but it will create a new city on its own, in order to bring back the fame of the once royal seat, the Deira district, in the heart of Dubai.

Palm Deira will not only be huge, it will be larger. The planned numbers of its future inhabitants will a million. This incredible last chapter of the Palms trilogy was already hinted back in 2001, when the announcement of building of the first two Palm island complexes happened. However, the actual work only started in 2008.

Palm Deira, together with the other two artificial island complexes have designs and constructions by Nakheel, the official royal developer. The plans have been born in the mind of the emperor of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, who wanted Dubai to become the future tourism and commercial centre of the world.

Palm Deira will divide into nine districts and it will have different areas, all having their own names, tasks and buildings. There is no exact naming yet of the future properties being on Palm Deira, but surely, there will be countless, due to its enormous size. Currently, the construction is in the first phase, mainly including huge carving out of sand, transporting it to the future territory of Palm Deira to make the huge island area first. Its sites will have names such as the Promenade, the Boulevard, the Marina, the West Business Centre, and Meadows Park, Theatre and concept square, out of which we can draw our ready conclusions on their future tasks and contingents.

Palm Deira, due to its huge size will not have the so-far regular 17 branches. Its Palm tree will contain altogether forty–one! Their size will be also multiple sizes bigger than the operational Palm Jumeirah, the very first of the Palm islands built. The islands will contain several types of castles, villas and apartment blocks as well. Right now, one of the biggest tasks of Nakheel is to maintain a good and effective transportation system of the millions of people who are supposed to live there. It is interesting to note, that the name Nakheel means palm trees in Arabic.

Due to the huge financial crisis from 2008, all future buildings have become unsure, and now the project is set to delay. We might wonder how it will look like when it will be all ready. Like a giant UFO spaceship from above, Palm Deira will be so huge, that questions will be how it will maintain itself. Its planned location would be around nine kilometres from the shores of Deira.

Palm Deira will be a wonder when ready and it will be one of the highest visited places all around the world. Many will want to buy their apartments and villas on this artificial island. Palm Deira is like a message of the future, concerning its futuristic concept in design.

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