Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali, together with the Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Deira intends to form a trilogy of Dubai islands. When Palm Jebel Ali is ready, it will house almost three hundred-thousand people, and will be able to welcome the double in their future theme and entertainment parks.

When the Palm Jumeirah, the very first island complex of this kind in the whole world was announced in 2001, it earned a tremendous attention for Dubai, together with an extra-large profit, selling-out of the future real estates of all three islands that have started. In this announcement, the plans of the other two future complexes too were talked about, showing the plans of all three, out of which the first project, the Palm Jumeirah would be the smallest and the third one, Palm Deira would be the biggest.

Palm Jebel Ali will be around one and a half times bigger than its predecessor will be. After the 2001 announcement, when the construction works for Palm Jumeirah begun, Palm Jebel Ali followed a year later. Its outlook would be similar to Palm Jumeirah, but the surrounding island would be double as big. It would also use breakwater and in-betweens the branches and the surrounding island. There is a poem of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the head of Dubai, saying that reaching great heights in the quality of doing something extraordinary is the gift of the brave and the faithful.

On Palm Jebel Ali, there will be six Marinas containing ports with villas. There will also be a huge living village called Sea Village. The other expected attractions will include a huge Aqua Theme Park called SeaWorld, another Water Theme Park Aquatica. It will include a huge park called Busch Gardens, who have already made two of their theme parks in the United States. Moreover, their large theme park will build on their own island, which would have got an orca shape. Palm Jebel Ali will also house a scientific theme park called Discovery Cove. As is seen, this island will not house many hotels as the Palm Jumeirah; it will be more of a residence and entertainment village.

The very first building that will build on the Palm Jebel Ali will be a breathtaking one, huge and its colour would be all shining gold. This wonder building has also won the international architecture competition soon after it was published. The future Palm Springs complex, which is already famous, will include a huge residence area with various facilities of entertainment and hospitality.

Although Palm Jebel Ali construction works are going on, but with the start of the building of the amenities from 2007, due to the financial crisis, now it seems to be on hold. One can see this amazing complex from the Dubai beach, situated outside of downtown nearby Jebel Ali Free-zone, a business complex. The Palm Jebel Ali will have 16 branches, all ready to be fully built-in. Right now, there are still no building constructions on the island, which have planning to open in 2020.

Palm Jebel Ali, the bigger replica of the original Palm Jumeirah, will give a great opportunity to all those, who at the time when Palm Jumeirah apartments were selling out could not buy one over there, and on Palm Jebel Ali. There is also the promise to have larger areas for one to live. Therefore, it is a great idea and investment of Dubai. In the original schedule, by 2021, the first phase of four theme parks would have opened on this man made island.

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