The Best Dubai Holiday Activities

When it comes to holidays, going to a place where everything is beautiful and where there is a whole bunch of attractions, what could be better than choosing Dubai holidays? Dubai is a great place to be and you will see that you will not have even a minute spent in boredom while you are over here, enjoying your Dubai holidays. There are countless attractions and dozens of beautiful hotels all around town, taking care of you, and there are so many things to do here, even if you would like to concentrate the most on your time spent on the beach, it will be really worth choosing Dubai as your holiday destination.

Let us start with all the program possibilities that you can choose from over here:

Sightseeing: You can make sightseeing in different ways in Dubai. First, there is the hop on-hop off way of sightseeing. It is great, because you can get on and off anytime but your ticket will last the whole day. Other way of sightseeing is the wonder bus, which is a unique bus indeed, being able to go on the road as well as on the water just like a boat. You just cannot miss trying this bus indeed. The other must-try is the dhow cruise, which is especially beautiful by night, including a dinner and a nice show, either belly dancers or musicians playing great traditional music. If you have the budget, you can try the helicopter or the jet sightseeing as well. Dubai Holidays cannot miss a big of sightseeing.

Desert safari: If you are in Dubai, you just cannot miss seeing the beautiful Dubai desert. There are many ways of sightseeing in or above the desert through a Hot Air Balloon flight or using a 4×4 Jeep to do so. There are mornings, whole days or night trips to the great Dubai Desert, surrounding the whole city. The Dubai Desert has especially nice sand and if you can also try, camel riding and sand boarding, then you will see it is really worth visiting the Dubai Desert. This is the best attraction of Dubai Holidays.

Shopping malls: Dubai has the very best and biggest shopping malls in the world. The Dubai Mall, being the biggest shopping mall in the world, has the Mall of the Emirates, the Deira City Centre and we could go on. It offers hundreds of the most luxurious shops and additionally beautiful attractions, such as the Aquaworld Underwater Zoo or the Sega Universe centre, not to mention the Dubai Ski, the one and only place in the whole Middle East where you can ski. Shopping is a must during your Dubai holiday.

Theme parks: Dubai is practically full of theme parks, making it the most attractive city for the children of all ages. There are uncountable theme parks over here, like the Wonderland, the Children’s City, the Dolphinarium and the most beautiful water parks in the world, the Aquaventure and the Wild Wadi water park. A Dubai Holiday is a must-do.

Excursions to the nearby cities: There are beautiful hiking and diving places all around the United Arab Emirates .There are the most beautiful diving places in the UAE, and many of them are not too far from Dubai. There are also many excursions to the nearby wadis or oasis, which act as a kind of sanctuaries for Dubai people and some of them, are really worth visiting.

Moreover, these are only a few examples of what you can do in Dubai. There are many more chances for you to see, hear and feel the life of Dubai. Make your Dubai holidays unforgettable enjoying all the fantastic attractions, be they manmade or natural, in and around this city. Dubai holidays are the best in the early spring months when the weather is not too hot yet.

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