The Best Places to Buy Jewellery in Dubai

Jewellery has an important role in the life of Dubai. Both selling and wearing of jewellery is highly anticipated in Dubai. The metropolis is overall famous for possibilities related to luxury shopping, among which jewellery is one of the most popular. Women in Dubai regularly go for jewellery shopping tours. Jewellery shopping is especially important when a special event is to come, like a wedding or birth of baby.

In the Muslim countries, it says that pinning gold on the cloth of a newborn baby brings luck to the baby. So, in this way, gold and jewellery shopping gets an important role in the daily life of a Muslim country. Although men are not allowed to wear Gold traditionally, more and more men are acting against this rule. Gold has long been the main representative and icon of wealth all around the world. If a woman has her fingers full of golden rings, then everyone thinks that she is living in a wealthy family.

In Dubai, the trading with gold and pearls, together with the jewellery shopping, had a main role until the beginning of the First World War when the operation of ships damaged the Persian Gulf area making it unable to produce more pearls for Dubai, in a natural way.

It would be hard to enlist all the best sites for jewellery shopping because there are so many of them. Jewel making and jewellery was always important in the business life of Dubai. The city has its own Gold Souk, packed with all types of golden ware. You can spend a whole day over here until you feel tired by seeing the entire shining offer in the window of dozens of shops.

In Dubai, you can find hundreds of jewelleries all around the downtown area. Jewellery shopping cannot be easier anywhere else. Since the ending of its worldwide known trading with its beautiful pearls, Dubai is trying to put more emphasis on its jewel business, especially gold and gems like diamond. Dubai also has a Jewel Museum containing exhibitions of the most beautiful and rarest gems and pearls like the Tahiti Black Pearl.

Other way of jewellery shopping is in the modern malls of Dubai, the Dubai Mall or the Emirates Mall has the best collection of jewellery stores. Though buying jewellery is the cheapest at the Gold Souk, but if you want something, different from gold or want the gems, then you may visit some of the best jewellery brand stores of Dubai.

Among the best and biggest manufacturers and traders of jewellery, we find Damas Jewellery, Samra Jewellery and Joyalukkas Jewellery in Dubai. Their shops can be found in the most prominent malls and shopping streets of downtown Dubai.

So, if you are looking to buy some precious jewellery in order to make your memories of Dubai even nicer, then take a visit to Dubai Gold souk and the big shopping malls of Dubai, to find the best suitable beautiful jewellery for you. Jewellery shopping is very easy over here. In case you would like to see some of the choice before travelling to Dubai, visit the websites of the traders, to make your jewellery shopping even easier this way.

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