The Best Sunglasses For Men in Dubai

Dubai is considered the business hub of the world because of its free trade policies. There are many international eye wear brands located at different region in Dubai city. Some of the famous retailers of branded men sunglasses in the city are Sunglass Hut and Solaris at the Dubai Mall and any sunglasses shops in the city.

The history of sunglasses can be traced back to early 13th century, when smoked color quartz was used by the Chinese to protect their eyes. However, the protection in 13th century wasn’t meant to be from sun, the smoked colored quartz was mainly used to hide the eye expression in the court. It was in 18th century finally, when an England based designer introduced glasses with blue and green tints. These glasses were introduced to general public with an idea to improve the vision of the wearer, not with the purpose to block the sunlight. However, these blue and green tinted glasses laid the foundation for later manufactured men sunglasses. Real popularity to men sunglasses was gained in 1929, when Foster eyewear introduced affordable line of sunglasses for the general public. These sunglasses were hugely bought by the men with purpose to protect their eyes and also as a style statement.

After, the introduction and popularity of Foster Grant eyewears, the next milestone in men sunglasses was the introduction of Aviator sunglasses. In 1930, Army Air corps asked Bausch and Lomb to develop sunglasses according to the needs of the pilots. This led to the introduction of Ray Ban Aviator line of men sunglasses. Aviator men sunglasses soon became a style statement among the country and became popular among the general public along with the pilots.

Today, men’s sunglasses industry has grew many folds and offer huge range of variety. There are many international brands that offer wide range of men sunglasses for people all over the world. Some of the most famous line of men sunglasses are,

• Ray Ban Aviator: Since 1929, Ray Ban is the most favorite and preferred brand for men sunglasses. The most preferred line of men sunglasses offered by Ray Ban is the Aviator. Since, World War I, Ray Ban has introduced many new features and colors in their aviator range of men sunglasses.

• Oakley men sunglasses: Oakley is the most preferred brand for sports and stylish men sunglasses. This brand not just offers unique style to men’s eyewears, but also offers best quality. The most famous line of Oakley men glasses is the lifestyle sunglasses, which offer comfort ability, style and protection.

• D&G: The Dolce and Gabbana has the greatest collection of men sunglasses. This brand offer huge variety in color, style and designs. Most men prefer to wear D&G sunglasses because they give them a unique sense of style with finest quality lenses.

• Diesel: This brand is most common brand in men sunglasses because it offers maximum protection against the sun rays and style. This brand is strictly associated with men because of its name and variety it offers.

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