The Durability and Functionality of Seiko’s Sport Watches

For the active and adventurous, a reliable and durable watch is a must-have accessory. And when it comes to sport watches, Seiko has been a trusted name for decades. With their sturdy construction and advanced features, Seiko sport watches are designed to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions while still keeping accurate time. From diving to hiking and everything in between, Seiko’s sport watches offer a range of functionalities to suit any activity. So whether you’re a seasoned athlete or simply enjoy the great outdoors, a Seiko sport watch is the perfect accessory to keep you on time and on track.

Seiko is among the top companies of Japan in both watch making and in all sorts of electronics as well. Seiko Watches make only one part of the huge Seiko Corporation having several subsidiaries producing different products. In Dubai, the Dubai Al Futtaim Watches and Jewellery Group officially distribute Seiko watches.

Seiko has been pioneering in the Japanese and international watch-making industry. It is also among the oldest companies in Japan, founded in 1881. Seiko is also famous for manufacturing its watches entirely in house. Their base is in Ginza Tokyo, although the company has one of its main subsidiaries in New Jersey, United States. The first watches of Seiko appeared on the market in 1924. In 1969, Seiko was the first to come out with its Astron the first quartz watch in the world. With its merging with Orient Watches, Seiko has become the largest watchmaker of Japan. Seiko Watches was also the first watchmaker coming out with the first quartz chronograph established in a wristwatch. Today, Seiko Watches produces both quartz and mechanical wristwatches and it is among those watch makers having the highest price difference between its cheapest and most expensive items. The cheapest Seiko brand costs USD 45 (Alba model) and the most expensive being the Credor Juri GBBX998 costs approximately USD 554.000. The Seiko 5 series are among the most famous series released by Seiko Watches with the number 5, meaning the 5 most important features in a watch today: water resistant, shock resistant, automatic and with date and day display. Seiko’s chronometer series called Bell-Matic which also contain an alarm, the most expensive and exclusive pieces come from the Credor, King Seiko and Grand Seiko collections. Seiko’s special Kinetic watches make most of its selling nowadays. The Seiko watches, which include the Kinetic automatic quartz system, include the Lorus, Sportura (international brand) and PROSPEX (only marketed in Japan) collections. These are all sold in limited proportions and currently they are the most expensive quartz watches in the world. The largest watch collectors often collect Seiko watches. The thing that excites many about Seiko watches is that the company often has specific collections released only in one country or continent. Only Japan released collections are highly sought after. Seiko’s new line contains the Spring Drive with a brand new high capacity battery.

Seiko had been the official timekeeper of several worldwide sport events, like FIFA World Cups and it is a large sponsor of FC Barcelona football team. Interestingly, the Seiko Sports Life Inc. produces sport items like golf clubs and stopwatches. In Dubai, you can find Seiko in the Al Futtaim Jewellery and Watches Stores, the Watch House, Time Zone and the Watches Corners shops, partly owned by Al Futtaim Group Dubai. You can find Seiko watches in the Dubai Mall, in the Deira City Centre and in many other shopping malls including the Mirdiff, the Emirates Boulevard among others.

Seiko watches, although they do not have their own brand stores in Dubai, yet they are sold in great variety in the Futtaim stores everywhere around Dubai city. You will find the biggest proportions in the Dubai Mall and it is worth looking around in the smaller shopping centres as well.

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