The Luxurious Panerai Watches

Panerai or Officine Panerai is an Italian watch making company, today belonging to the Swiss Richemont S.A. with its main base in Florence, Italy where it was founded in 1860 but manufacturing its watches in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Panerai watches, although their name is not that famous by the average knower of watches brands, it is well known in the circle of those who are crazy for first class expensive watches with unique looks and precise mechanics. In Dubai, the Dubai Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons exclusive watch retailer brand sell Panerai brand.

If you are a fan of luxury timepieces then you might be aware of Panerai that is a brand of its own kind in the whole world. Founded in 1860, this world-class watch manufacturing company was founded by Giovanni Panerai at Ponte alle Grazie, Italy. The owner started his business from a shop that later turned into the world-class company in a short period of time. In 1934, Giovanni created the famous Panerai Luminor watches and Radiomir. The brand got such a huge popularity quickly that it became the official watchmaker of the Italian Navy.

Panerai watches represent high style and quality. The Panerai watches bring the Italian feeling. In its forms and features, you can capture the Italian high style. Although the Panerai watches are made in Switzerland, they follow Italian designs regarding its outlook, which makes them a favourite on the Italian market. The heavy usage of metals or gold is a characteristic of the Panerai watches, which combine classical and contemporary shapes creating unique looking watch collections. As for professional history, the Panerai professional diving watches were used in the Second World War by the Decima Flottiglia MAS frogmen. Other famous collections of Panerai include the Luminor and the Radiomir lines, which still play the leading role in the main collections of the Panerai watches.

The Panerai watches mostly issued in limited editions makes them even more valued. Also the company issues one Special Edition each year, which in this year are the Radiomir 3 days Platino (in platinum), Oro Bianco (in white gold), Oro Rossa (in red gold) and the Luminor Composite 1950 3 days watches. It is interesting to note that Panerai is by far the only first class watch making company, which features left-handed watches also in its collections both in the limited collections. Contemporary collection prices vary from 6000 to 25.000 EUR, which is the price of the 18K gold Marina, and the limited edition watches, especially the platinum ones cost the double. Panerai Watches can thank a lot for the Italoamerican actor Sylvester Stallone who did a lot for the high promotion of the brand just because he came to like one during an Italian shot and bought a dozen of the Panerai Luminose giving it to his friends with his signature on the caseback. These watches are called Slytech. Thanks to this action, the Panerai brand could rise to the first class watches as Richemont, whose attention was also caught by the watches of Stallone and saw fantasy in the unique looking watches, purchased it.

You can realize the excellence of Panerai from the fact that it has become the official Ferrari timekeeper and has even replaced Girard-Perregaux. This brand has a reputation for not easily available in the market and people who wish to obtain the luxury watches of this brand even have to wait for several years sometimes to get their desired timepieces. That is why owing a Panerai watch proves to be a true connoisseur.

You can find four main lines of collections by Panerai today, which includes the Contemporary, the Historic, the Limited Editions and the Specialties. The most professional and high-tech features can be found in the Specialties section watches. If you are in Dubai and want to get something unique and precious for taking home then you should consider buying a Panerai timepiece to include in your watch collection. In Dubai you can find the watches of this brand at the stores of Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons Company which has a reputation of selling quality watches. Seddiqi sons have several stores within Dubai so finding a pure Panerai watch will not be a difficult task for you.

Even though the variety of Panerai watches that you will find in Dubai might not be as wide as in Switzerland or Italy but considering the huge demand of these watches you can be sure of getting an easy access to your favourite brand easily. If you succeed in including a Panerai timepiece in your collection then it would be the best watch in your collection. Those visitors who choose to shop at Dubai during the summer seasons get the best advantages because these specialties are sold at quite low prices during that time.

Among the masterpieces of Panerai you will also find its lower cost Swiss watches that are made with the same originality and precision and provides you the same classy look that is true to the brand. All of the components of these watches are made with finest quality materials like solid casing of stainless steel, real leather straps and sapphire crystal lens that are also scratch proof. Even though these watches also maintain the style and quality of the original Panerai watches but they prove to be an affordable option for those customers who wish to experience wearing a world-class watch in their hands. Hence from its prestigious Radiomir collection to the highly advanced Luminor mode, you will always detect the expertise of the brand in all of its masterpieces.

Today, the old Panerai watches manufactured in the beginning of the 21th century or during the world wars are high selling at auctions. Panerai is also famous for its contract with Ferrari according to which it has released Ferrari logo Panerai watches for a couple of years. These collections though did not entirely fulfil the expectations, so today are not manufactured anymore. Panerai Watches feature four main lines of collections today: the Historic, the Contemporary, the Specialities and the Limited Editions. The watches with the most professional features can be found in the specialities section. In Dubai, you will see Panerai watches at all the jewellery and watches store of the Dubai Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons Company, which is specialised in selling luxury watches. Seddiqi has dozens of stores in Dubai, so you can be sure that you cannot miss to see this rare brand the Panerai watches.

The Dubai variety of Panerai watches might be not as wide as in Italy or Switzerland, but knowing the high demand for top luxury items, you can be sure that the offer is great in Dubai when it comes to Panerai watches and all sorts of luxury goods. If you arrive during the summer, it is the time when you can get these specialities the cheapest.

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