The Timeless Legacy of Atlas Jewellery

One of the cities in United Arab Emirates, Dubai has the largest population in the emirates. It also becomes one of the seven emirates that beautify the country. Since its independence day on December 2, 1971, Dubai has experienced a fast development until today, which makes it as a cosmopolitan metropolis that is soon going to be a global city. Dubai’s economy and culture have grown better and much better. Starting from its root as an oil industry country, Dubai is now in the list of the must-visit city in the world. Tourism has been its biggest income besides oil. Many attractive buildings that have attracted people from all around the world are built with its amazing construction, such as Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world, some shopping malls which are the largest of the region and around the world. Moreover, Dubai also has some very ambitious projects which have developed well which are the man-made islands.

Alongside with its vast growth, Dubai has become the twenty second most expensive city in the world in 2012. This achievement has made it surpasses London and made it becomes the most expensive city in the Middle East. However, regardless of its predicate as the most expensive city, Dubai is also the best place to live among the other cities in Middle East.

For you who love shopping, of course Dubai is the best place that ever exists in the world. Not only does it have more than 70 malls in its 4,114 km2 area, but it also has Dubai Mall which is the biggest in the world. One day is never enough to discover the satisfaction in this giant mall. This fact makes Dubai as the shopping capital of the Middle East. Shopaholics will regard this city as their heaven.

Growing together with its charm as the city of shopping, the import and export business in this city is also growing vastly. India’s dhow is one of some other countries’ dhows that discharge its cargo and goods in Dubai. One appealing imported product from India is its jewelry, especially the ATLAS Jewelry. Dubai even has the largest amount of outlet and stores of ATLAS Jewelry in the world. The stores in Dubai are Gold Center at Deira, Gold Land at Deira, Rolla St. and Fahidi St. at Bur Dubai, Maraya Complex Satwa, Kasim Blds and KMT at Karama, Ghusais, LuLu Village, Global Village, Al Khail Mall at Al Quoz and Al Ghubaiba at Bur Dubai. The brand that has been very well known for people over the gulf has been established for 30 years. The jewelries of ATLAS are made of pure gold, beautiful diamonds, clear pearls and shiny gemstones.

With the touch of modernity as well as the tradition and ethnicity, ATLAS jewelry has been trusted as having the highest standard of purity. It shows the success of M.M. Ramachandran, the founder of this brand, who started its dreamed business when he looked at the crowd of people who were queuing to buy gold in India. And by the time of 1980s, he finally opened its first and the pioneer of ATLAS showroom. Since then, he was elected to serve His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, in the launch of Dubai Shopping Festival. In this moment, he crafted the concept of gold-based shopping.

What makes ATLAS jewelry special is its dare in giving so many kinds of promotions. The promotion is always including the given of free luxurious cars, gold coins, cell phones, cameras, gold watches, silks or even many gold bars. This promotion is its one way to attract the customer because nowadays this company is also well-known for its service. ATLAS jewelry has won many people’s heart, and no wonder if soon it will win yours too. Shopping gold in Dubai can not only give you the investment blitzing luxury in the future, but also give you so many moments to remember and to tell to your friends, children and grandchildren. Plus, you also have a big chance of winning more luxury since ATLAS always give a large amount of endless prize.

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