Times Square Center Dubai

Times Square Center is situated in the very centre of New Dubai, which comprises the Jumeirah district and a major part of the main core of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road. The Times Square Center is located very close to the huge Mall of the Emirates, one of the primary shopping destinations of the city. Therefore, the developers of Times Square Center have felt that they must produce something special in order to give motivation for the people to pay a visit. In this guide, we explore this downtown shopping mall.

Sharaf Group built Times Square Center in 2006, and it is one of Dubai’s most prominent developers. Also, Sharaf Group operates and manages this shopping mall. The shopping mall has an area of 200.000 square feet and comprises about 60 different stores and catering facilities inside. Times Square Center has two floors and it is a popular destination for the families and the younger generation who is crazy for gadgets and all sorts of IT related gizmos such as cell phones, internet tablets, laptops, netbooks, readers and we could go on. The secret of this is that this shopping mall houses the biggest store of Sharaf DG, which is Dubai’s Nr. 1 IT store. Other notable store includes YellowHat Japan that is a very interesting store, a type called “one-stop shop” offering specifically car accessories and car related services.

Times Square Center’s alone-standing complex makes the mall highly visited and makes it also to be a popular tourist destination and this is the Chillout Cafe. The Chillout Café’s most unique aspect is that it is a glacier cafe with an indoor temperature being under zero degrees. This ice lounge is literally an ice lounge and the Finnish Snow Hotel where everything is made of snow inspired it. Inside the Chillout almost everything is made of ice. You can sit on ice chairs with ice tables and the bar is made of ice. In order to help to make the experience even more special the whole area of the cafe is enlighten by blue and pink tones, to make it more winter-like mixed up with a little bit of spaceship style. Of course, you cannot enter just like that within this cafe in normal cloth because you would instantly catch cold or even flu. Therefore, in the lobby area upon entering the café everyone gets a special thermal wear, which helps to keep the body temperature warm. Also, there is a wide variety of warm or hot drinks here and also they serve a wide array of great hot soups, which are especially tasty when attending in the cold. So, do not miss visiting Chillout Café and sip a hot chocolate from your table made of ice. The café opens relatively late, at 2 pm and it is held open until 10 pm.

Apart from this specialty attraction there is a great range of stores here, offering quality men’s and women’swear, children’s wear, there are toy stores, a great hypermarket. You can visit an optician while being here and there is a good pharmacy inside the Times Square Center. There are furniture stores over here and a great hypermarket. Times Square Center is a self-proclaimed family shopping mall and once you visit it, for sure, you will spend a great couple of hours inside and if you do not have enough from the winter-cold and snow, do not hesitate to drop in to Ski Dubai, which is just the opposite side of the road.

Times Square Center in Dubai regularly opens its stores at 10 am, while a couple of catering facilies and the pharmacy open much sooner, around 8 am. Visit Times Square Center to check out the latest gadgets, the Japanese car accessories and simply have a great time over there. Get off at First Gulf Bank Metro Station 2 to reach the Times Square Center the most easily.

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