Tips To Buy Authentic Omega Watches in Dubai

Omega watches are the most famous wristwatches brand around the world. People who like to have luxurious time piece on their wrist often prefer omega watches because of their quality and designs. These watches originated from Switzerland in late 18th century, when Louis Brandt introduced them in the market. However, the omega watches became famous in early 19th century, when British Royal Flying Corps choose them as their official timekeepers for the combat. Following the Royal British Corps the American army also selected {Omega watches} as their official timekeeper in 1918. Later, these watches became part of many big events and personalities like John F Kennedy and James Bond.

In 18th century Louis Brandt made the first key-wound pocket watch by parts gathered from the local craftsman of Switzerland. He then sold those timepieces to many large trading countries of that time like Italy and England. However, after his death his sons were not able to maintain the quality of the watches. Therefore, the workshop system of manufacturing was transformed into small factory manufacturing system, where quality standards were strictly controlled and monitored. Until now the quality of these watches is not compromised though the company went through many mergers, acquisitions and changes. Today, Omega watches are not only considered a style statement, but are also part of many big event and companies like NASA and Olympics.

The Omega Company has now introduced many varieties in their omega watches brand. These watches are not just the most famous brand in Europe, but are also equally preferred in the Gulf region especially in Dubai. These watches are readily available in different malls and duty free shops of Dubai. They are the most liked watch brand among the people of Dubai because they carry 163 years of experiences and royalty with them. There are many malls in Dubai, who have omega boutiques, which offer all variety of omega watches to their customers. Moreover, some duty free shops in Dubai also offer these watches on affordable prices.

Omega offers a wide range of variety for its customers. The famous variety of omega watches that are available in Dubai malls and duty free shops are
• Constellations: The omega constellation watches are known all over the world as the most stylish wrist watches. These watches not only impart luxury to the individual personality, but also create an aura of style around him or her. These watches are further categorized based on their color and metal. Some of the Constellation watches have roman digits engraved in their dials that are blackened by using a chromium plating technique, which makes them more durable.

• Seamaster: This is the omega underwater watch series and was introduced in 1948. This series of watches are famous around the world because they offer durability and style even under the water. People who prefer durability and style in their wrist watches prefer this variety of omega watches.

• Speedmasters
• De Ville

Where to Buy Omega Watches in Dubai?
Visit one of their brand store at The Dubai Mall, Wafi Mall, Burjuman Centre, Al Ghurair Center, …

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