Top Hair Salons of Dubai

Well talking about haircare in Dubai is a little bit tricky, because as we know, the local women all wear hijabs or other type of Muslim headware, in order to protect themselves from any male looks. The hair of Dubai women is though very nice, as the hair of all Arabic women is thick and naturally beautiful. Arabic women wear their hair long, which is the standard expectation by Arabic men in all Arabic countries. However, with the arrival of the many expats, together with their wives and children, the female haircare salons have started to flourish, as Westen women do love to visit their hairdressers and have different hair treatments such as styling and also the hair colouring.

The sun in the Middle East is strong. So, believe it or not, the women wearing their hijabs, are also protecting their hair from all the damaging effect of the sun. Also for Westerners, the wearing of hats for this reason is highly advisable, specifically for those who have coloured hairs. The sun damages the coloured hair even more, so take care and get some advices in the local hair salons.

Let us see which are the most popular hair salons of Dubai:
Dessange Salon is really a VIP salon of Dubai, located in Dubai’s Kempinsky Hotel. This is not only a hair salon, but also a beauty salon at the same time. Here you will find all beauty services, which you have been longing for. So it is really worth visiting the Dessange Salon at least once a month, if you have the appropriate budget. Dessange uses thermo cut systems, ultrasonic hair extension methods and even more, in order to make hair look its best. The best time to make a hairstyling at Dessange is for special occasions. There are the best experts in the Dessange.

For those, who desire an always fresh look, the best place to go is one of the Tony and Guy of Dubai. It is definitiely one of the leading hairsalons all over the world, having hundreds of salons globally. The great thing in Tony and Guy hairsalons is that they do care for giving you the very best styling and colouring.

Patsi Collins is definitely the most famous brand in the US when it comes to hair styling and products. But Patsi Collins is not only a hair salon, as it offers various beauty and nail treatments as well. The place is really great to visit, from time to time.

If you are longing for some special care, do not hesitate to visit the Prestige Salon, which is one of the best and most popular beauty and hair salons of Dubai. This is a wonderful place to spend a whole day, getting overall treatments. When you come out of the saloon, you will really feel that you ’ve been transformed to look and feel your very best.

These are not the only good hair salons of Dubai, but they are all among the very best, that’s for sure. Book a visit at multiple places, see their staff and their pricelist, then you can freely decide which one suits better to your requirements. As we, women know, all beauty salons need to have certain chemistry which make us go for it. Dubai is a great place to experiment this all, and do not forget to visit one of the local hairsalons used by locals, this will be a great experience, while you are in Dubai.

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