Visit The Best Pizzerias of Dubai

We can discuss the best cuisines in the world, and there is indeed a lot to mention. Without doubt, Dubai hosts the best international cuisines in the world. However, pizza remains an all-time favourite in the world. Pizza is a great food because it can be prepared a thousand ways, it is ready quite quickly and it is very tasty. They say that pizza originated from China; from there the Italians adapted it and made them one of their best-known national foods. Pizza is also one of the favourites in Dubai.

So let us see which places serve the best pizza in Dubai. First, differentiate between the American pizza and Italian pizza and even Türkish serve great pizza as well. Here are the most common places to eat the best pizzas. Deira, Bur Dubai and the Karama districts are the best places to look for a good pizza in Dubai. Here are smaller or bigger restaurants and even the takeaway places where you can order your pizza. The Chuck e Cheese located in the Dubai Outlet Mall is also a fun place to be, but you do not need to go that far of course to eat a pizza. There are dozens of pizzerias in Dubai all around the downtown area.

The Pizza Inn in Deira, the Pizza Express, the Organic Foods and Cafe and Round Table Pizza all have delivery services you can easily find their phone numbers in any local guide. Here is a list of the most popular Pizzerias of Dubai:

Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill
This is a great Dubai pizza bar perfect site for lunch. The bar serves Chicago style deep-dish pizza with a hundreds of possibilities to choose from as toppings. Pizzeria Uno is a great Pizzeria and it is very popular among both tourists and local. The place is located in the Deira City Center shopping mall, in the shopping quarter of Dubai in Deira.

La Veranda
A classic Italian style restaurant and pizzeria and it is one of the best Italian pizza places in the downtown of Dubai. You can choose from dozens of pizzas over here. If you do not know much about the Italian style pizza, then let us say that its pastry is thinner and crunchier than those of American pizzas are. This is a great Italian restaurant to visit. Outside of pizzas, La Veranda serves other dishes as well. The restaurant is located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is one of the most popular US based pizza restaurants. The Pizza Huts of Dubai are situated all over Dubai, on the Jumeirah Beach Road, in the Karama district, in Al Wasl for example.

Pizza Connection UAE
Pizza Connection UAE is a pizza restaurant-chain, having restaurants everywhere in Dubai and in the whole area of the United Arab Emirates. The downtown Pizza Connection in Dubai is located in the very downtown by the Sheikh Zayed Road, facing the Maritime City as part of the Shaiba Towers.

Apart from these enlisted or mentioned places, you will see that you will not have problem with finding a good Pizza Bar in Dubai. If you want to see the most pizza bar sin one place from US, Italian and Turkish origin is either in the Deira or in the Karama districts. You can easily get to both of them with the Dubia metro or taxi.

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