What Are Black Diamonds?

After brown and yellow diamonds, black diamonds are the most usual coloured stones. Black diamonds are used for all sorts of jewellery with high success, as they are perfect to create a sophisticated look, sometimes together with white diamonds. Black diamonds are also popular to be used for men’s jewellery.

Black diamonds were found later than their classic white brothers were. It took a while and several examinations until it came out that indeed black diamonds bear the same carbon structure and around the same features as the white and yellow diamonds. Every since black diamonds are used as fancy diamonds with high success. Although they can be confused with other stones, if you ask for an authentic certificate in order to prove their origins you will see if it is real or not. Black diamonds look classy. As the original stones do not come in big pieces or big quantities black diamonds are often very small stones within jewellery. Today, all top jewelleries feature collections with black diamonds. Prominent watch manufacturers for decorating reasons also use them.

Black diamond is a diamond with originally black colour called Carbonado with an especially high lustre that makes it look beautiful in jewellery. The black diamond is mined only in Central Africa and in Brazil. Some supporters of extraterrestal sciences say that black diamonds are originated from two supernovas, which have arrived in these two places lots of years ago, leaving this precious material behind. The most famous black diamonds known are the Amsterdam diamond with its 33.3 Carats and the Spirit of De Grisogono Diamond, which is also the world’s largest cut diamond with its 587 Carats originating from Central Africa and cut, to be included in a ring by the Swiss jeweller De Grisogono.

Black diamond though is not as rare as other types of diamonds. You can find it in Dubai too at several quality jeweller stores. You can find black diamonds in some of the valued collections of Damas Jewellery. Most of the times, black diamonds are mixed up with other coloured gemstones. Black diamonds look their best in either yellow or white gold. Black diamonds are often confused with black quartz, black sapphire, opal and onyx. The only thing distinguishing them is the extreme luminescence of the black diamond. Black diamonds on jewellery often come in miniature stones or decoration to a larger main stone.

Discover the collections of Al Zain, Samra and Joyalukkas jewelleries to find some of the rarer black diamond jewelleries. Dubai is the new land of diamonds, selling them for a great price, so here is more than worth looking for some precious jewellery. Visit the huge Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, in order to see jewellery made out of black diamonds. Here you can also see some items made out of the extra rare purple gold. In Dubai, it is more than worth to make some worthy expeditions hunting after such rarities. Try the Cara Jewellery in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, as they are said to have the biggest diamond collections for the best price.

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