Where to Buy Handmade jewellery in Dubai?

Jewellery is something that becomes the favorite of many people. Jewellery decorates and enhances people’s performance; therefore people are competing to have and wear the best jewellery in any special occasions. In Dubai, jewellery has become so common thing which can be found in all of the city’s corners. The number of jewellery stores is increasing day by day, since many people even from the other countries come to Dubai, only to get the best quality gold, silver, or the other precious metals jewellery. Handmade jewellery is one kind of jewellery which is quite popular in Dubai. This is because handmade thing tends to be more exclusive and has more personalized characteristics. Some people prefer to have something that is extremely different and one-of-a-kind.

Some jewellery manufacturer has the haute couture division; which is highly possible that the products made in the division are handmade. Yet, common manufacturers do not have such service. One series of collections may be produced in mass production; this way, the value of the exclusiveness will be decreasing. The price for handmade products may be varied. The price is usually decided by the quality of the material and the designs of the jewellery; the more complicated the design is with the better quality material, the higher the price will be. Some handmade products are made by request, but some others are simply designed and manufactured based on the trend in the market. The point is, there is no better tool to make jewellery than the hand of the experienced and skilled jewellery artists; hence the handmade tends to be higher in its value.

Handmade jewellery in Dubai is a part of tradition in the native culture of the city since a long time ago. There are many jewellery artists live in the city and earn their living by making quality decorations and jewellery, using conventional and traditional methods. Their workshops are easy to find in a souk or in the traditional Arabian marketplace. Their stores are spread in the whole area of the traditional markets. The materials used to make the products are various; they are for examples copper, silver, and even gold. In some places, there are also artists who use steel or even wood. The metals are quite easy to be modified, and they are cultivated purely using the hands of the craftsmen. Yet, jewellery with gemstones is quite more complicated. Some mechanical helps are involved in the process of beaded jewellery. Dubai is the house of a long tradition of jewellery making; therefore it is not surprising if this city now becomes one of the most important role players in the international jewellery marketplace.

Some local handmade jewellery manufacturers have their special brands and even some of them grow into big brands of Dubai jewellery. The brands have their own innovations and exclusive designs. Since each brand has its own exclusive collection using different quality of materials, the price of one brand to the other will be very varied. One brand may apply low rate because the making process is not complicated and the quality of the material used is just so-so. However, the exclusive handmade jewellery collections even can be pricier than the common international brand jewellery. Before protesting, the purchaser should also consider the price of the sweat and time spent by the craftsmen to make such high quality jewellery.

To find shops which provide handmade jewellery products, Dubai Gold Souk in Deira can be the first place to stay, as this place is hosting hundreds of shops with thousands of jewellery collection in various forms, prices, and materials. To be more specific, the famous place to buy the handmade is the ARTE. It is a unique moving market whose schedule is available on its official website. So, other than just an ordinary market, it also offers fun experience of jewellery hunting, in addition of its low pricing market. The brands which are popular for its handmade products are for example Taiba jewellery and Tanyaz jewellery. Their silver collections are very famous to be in the best quality. Global Village of Dubai is the other alternative of place, in which you can find quality handmade jewellery available, with a lot of range of designs and styles.

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