Advantage of Titanium Watches

Titanium is a very special metal, which nowadays is highly used by watchmakers and included in cellular phones and other electronic devices. Titanium has become excessively popular for being highly resistant steel than aluminium and other previously used metals in the watch industry. Every prominent watchmaker in the world releases titanium watches. Look around for the best models containing titanium in the watch industry.

The first usage of titanium in watch making is due to the excessive need for water resistant watches. We like to wear our watches even in the water also, as the risk of losing them grows with having to take them off; most people prefer not to take off their watches at all. Many people do not know but there is difference between purely water resistant and diving watches. In addition, there are the additional types that go for professional divers. There is a great diagram giving explanations on when can a watch be used also for swimming, snorkelling and surfing as well. These are the watches staring the sign: “water resistant 100m”. The water resistant watches are not good for diving though. However, most importantly the need of making water resistant watches can be connected with the first usage of titanium watches. Before finding out about the usefulness of titanium, the watchmakers were looking for special metals with the qualities of being able to resist corrosion and other damages mainly caused by seawater. Seawater is much harder than normal water. The salty water is famous for making electronics absolutely, irreparably useless, if they are without accurate protection. It was the Rolex brand, which first started to produce its special water resistant and the first diving watches. For these watches, titanium is more than necessary, although thanks to the high costs of producing titanium watches, nowadays scientists are experimenting with other anti corrosive materials as well.

Titanium is highly used for making other sports related equipments as well. The advantage of titanium is also, that it is relatively scratch-resistant and a light metal. Other big and unique features and advantages of titanium is that it is non-magnetic and stainless. It is up to the treatment of titanium but it can also be the hardest of steels with great resistance for any physical damages. The treatment in case of titanium watches is normally the nitrogen hardening of surface. The usage of Titanium is especially soft when it comes to the watchcases. Famous titanium watches are produced by Ventura and Rado brands. Rado uses titanium as an addition to ceramics in its watches. Titanium can be found in the collections of every bigger brands, specifically in the sportier types which include chronometer and compass and those which are water resistant from 100 metres, together with the special diving watches such as the Omega Seamaster, the Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller deep sea model, the Seiko 7002-7020 diver’s watch. In the case of normal watches, most normally other steel types are used, which are not that expensive as titanium. In Dubai, you can find all these special models of titanium watches, being a seaside country with many who are doing sea related sports and diving. The Dubai Mall has the largest collection of watches shops.

If you are looking for specific titanium watches, choose the Rolex or Seiko brands. Other models have some special and sporty models too. All you need to do is to look around as titanium watches are everywhere in Dubai. Only be prepared that they will be the costlier sorts of watches. At Tag Heuer and Omega, you will also find some great sportier multitasking titanium watches for your taste.

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