Al Badia Golf Club

Al Badia Golf Club

Al Badia Golf Club is very modern club by its looks, it is all about Dubai, offering a bunch of attractions and facilities, offering technologies not used anywhere else in the world. Therefore, if you are open to experience anything new and modern in the world of golf, then Al Badia Golf Club is just the place for you.

When you are in Dubai and by any chance you are a golf-lover or purely have some interest in golf, then you can see a larger than large offer of different golf courses, especially dedicated to this sport all over Dubai. Out of these, most of the courses either reflect the traditional British style or try to revive the American style in their courses. Now Al Badia Golf Club is just the attraction, you would expect Dubai to offer on the first place. It is modern, huge and has all the high-tech luxury of Dubai inside.

Now, to go into more details on the golf club, it is situated in the Dubai Festival City, making it more of a “Las Vegas” Golf club, which means that this golf club is neither of conventions nor of traditions. It also rents out areas from its 18 Hole, 2 square kilometre space for various events within or out of Festival City. It is a bit of a party place combined with golf facilities, but it is definitely a fun place to be.

Al Badia Golf Club offers meals of three different top restaurants each with diverse cuisine and the Intercontinental Hotel of the Festival City giving one a great chance to spend a longer time. While staying here, people can also visit the Festival City from time to time.

The feature that makes Al Badia Golf Club an alone and outstanding in the world of golf, is its hi-tech lab, so-called “performance lab”, which is not only a 3D room for one to practice, but is a lot more. As they call this system “Ultimate Fitting Experience”, it includes a non-stop monitoring and sensing of each movement, offering to enhance and control the movements, to raise one’s ability to conduct better swings and hits with the most fitting movement-power-speed combinations. It also offers a non-stop training packed with advices too. The best section is the training on diverse soils and sites, as the techniques change each time, same as the actual power used in the movement together with its dynamics. Each course in this lab takes two hours, and it is a treat for every golfer to advance in the playing. This lab of the Al Badia Golf Club is currently the one and only used lab in the whole world, which gives a great reason for all golfers to visit.

Al Badia Golf club also has an Academy with enough practicing place around it, offering fitting courses for each level. If you want fun to mix up with golf, in an untraditional but at the same time fun atmosphere, then you must visit Al Badia Golf Club. For sure, you will be a member within the first two hours spent experimenting the “Ultimate Fitting Experience”.

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