Al Hamra Golf Club

Al Hamra Golf Club

To begin with, it is a little bit one-sided if we would call Al Hamra Golf Club a part of the attractions of Dubai, as it is situated in another sheikhdom of the United Arab Emirates, but it is bordering Dubai so consequently Al Hamra Golf Club has plenty of visitors from Dubai, as a neighbouring sheikhdom.

Al Hamra Golf Club is situated in Ras Al Khaimah, which is the name of both this land and its capital as well. It is currently getting raised touristic attention, as it is still a more relaxed, more traditional area. Therefore, many people tired from the bigness of Dubai come here to relax. Ras Al Khaimah is mainly famous for its gasoline resources in the Middle Eastern region. However, Ras Al Khaimah is full of beautiful sites, long beaches and many traditional villages in its region as well.

This golf club houses the older style of golf called Links coming from Scottish means shore or coast mainly applied for those courses, which are situated by the sea or coastline and its terrain is rather hilly or bumpy with a level difference of a maximum of 8 meters. Al Hamra Golf Club is designed by Peter Harradine one of the best golf course designers from the United Kingdom.

This huge course is an 18 Hole par 72-championship golf field with its route of playing starting from and at the end arriving back to the clubhouse of the Al Hamra Golf Club. This golf course can also be divided into two 9 Hole course, which comes handy in the evening hours, which is certainly the most pleasant time to be out in the summer. Due to the great lightning system, the golf course is light and playable after dusk too.

Al Hamra Golf Club also offers various facilities in its area, especially in its clubhouse. There is a restaurant, a café and a Bar. The club has a very nice gymnasium with several fitness possibilities. Thus, if one would prefer such sport that would not make one sweat, but would be equally entertaining, then there are options of playing pool, snooker, table tennis and card or chess playing that is entertaining as well as not tiresome. However, since only members can use most of the facilities, so making membership is worth. Outstandingly, this golf club offers five types of membership possibilities.

Several corporate events and in-house cups are held in Al Hamra Golf Club. Its Academy holds many courses for all levels starting from zero to the professional. Golf courses can also be tailored to one’s needs, or can be in a group or with private instructor. There is also a course for the children to learn to play this beautiful game.

Al Hamra Golf Club is definitely a beautiful golf course, but contrary to many golf-club complexes, which are prepared to welcome non-golfers as well, Al Hamra Golf Club is enjoyable for exclusively those who are connected to golf playing at any level.

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