Al Haseena at Dubai Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is one of the key points of trade in Dubai, when it comes to gold and gemstones. Out of the 300 brands the Gold Souk is housing, we would like to represent one outstanding brand: Al Haseena Jewellery. Trading with quality jewellery from all parts of the word, Al Haseena is a store worth visiting once you visit the Gold Souk. Let us see the worth knowing about Al Haseena Jewellery and why we should visit them?

Al Haseena Jewellery was founded in 1983 and since then it is one of the most colourful jewellery brands in Dubai. Trading with high profile collections in different styles the jewellery is a very popular place for both locals and tourists to go. Originally based in the famous gold souk, Al Haseena has another showroom in the opposite lying Bur Dubai and plans to create its own web of shops in the near future. Al Haseena is the member of the ETA Star Ascon Group, which is among the largest trading groups in the Asian region. Their offers are exclusive and diverse; everyone can find the most suitable jewellery for their taste. Al Haseena offers quality gold and diamond necklaces and chains, rings, earrings and bracelets for its customers in extra high variety.

Let us look at the collections Al Haseena Jewellers offer:
* India: In this collection, you can see excellently crafted traditional Indian jewellery, rich in decoration but placing the beautiful colour of gold on the first place, this is a must see collection, rich in bracelets, bangles, traditionally huge necklaces and earrings.
* Turkey: Representing classic and sophisticated Turkish, Moorish necklaces, pendants and sets this collection represents pieces, which are perfect to wear for special occasions.
* Italy: Featuring elegant necklace and earring sets made out of gold and white gold, this collection offers jewellery for night and daywear all the same.
* Bahrain: Representing richly decorated Arabic-Moorish style art pieces, this is a collection rich in gold and gemstones, excellent to wear for special occasions.
* Singapore: Reaturing primarily gold chains, necklaces and bracelets, this collection offer us beautiful pieces of jewellery, also perfect to wear during the day.
* UAE: Perhaps the richest collection of all, UAE jewellery collection of Al Haseena features beautiful Moorish-Arabic style bracelets and bangles in the highest number. Bangles are made of rich 22K gold and they are perfectly decorated.
* Korea: This collection features some unique pieces of jewellery; especially its necklaces are more than worth to observe. The jewellery of this collection are primarily made out of crystal with classic gold, while other necklaces are made of mixed yellow and white gold parts. It’s earring collection is also beautiful!

As you can see the range and diversity of the collections featured by Al Haseena Jewellers is wide. Therefore, if you would like to buy something unique and worthy as a souvenir of your Dubai stay, or for a special occasion you should definitely visit this great brand.

Apart from its base, Al Haseena also has six other showrooms in the Dubai Gold Souk, with newly opened showrooms also in Bur Dubai and in the nearby lying Karama district. Al Haseena is really a special brand, which is worth checking out.

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