Al Haseena’s Exquisite Diamond Necklaces

Al Haseena Jewellery is one of the most special jewellery brands in Dubai, offering a great range of jewellery coming from every parts of the world, ensuring that their collections always stay colourful and interesting to the eye. Although, in Dubai there are many jewellery brands which deal with multiple lines of jewellery, Al Haseena stands out of the crowd, due to the great quality of its jewellery collections. In our article, we will represent you to those collections of Al Haseena, which contain diamond necklace sets. Al Haseena offers the following collections as per country/region:

Turkey: The Turkey collection of Al Haseena contains beautifully crafted jewellery, which represents us with the sophisticated Moorish style being the most popular in Turkey. Although this collection puts the emphasis on diamonds, you can find gemstones included in many of their jewellery. Turkey collection contains jewellery for both special occasion and for daily wear all the same.

India: The Indian collection of Al Haseena mirrors the traditional artwork of Indian jewelers who always put a high importance on the actual outlook and decoration of jewellery. If you look for diamond necklace installations here, check out the Mangalsutras and the huge traditional Indian necklaces, all of which are made of the most beautiful quality gold. Indian collection is offered to wear for special occasions.

Bahrain: Bahraini collection represents us with especially beautiful diamond and gold jewellery collection. Its white gold–diamond necklace sets are amazing and its yellow gold sets represent us with the decorated Arabic style jewellery, so popular all around the Arabic-Islamic world. Check out this collection if you look for outstanding diamond necklace sets.

United Arab Emirates: this collection concentrates on beautiful Moorish style bangles made out of yellow gold. Although you will not find diamond here, but this collection is for the lovers of yellow gold and artistic style jewellery.

Singapore: featuring a low-key collection of gold jewellery, this collection is ready to be worn during the day. Singapore collection primarily features pure gold chains, which are superb to wear as necklaces or as bracelets all the same.

Italy: featuring beautifully aerial gold jewellery, Italy collection represent us with great diamond necklace sets, which are perfect to wear for any occasions, made out of either white or yellow gold.

Korea: featuring beautiful 22K gold jewellery, this collection contains some of the unique pieces of jewellery. Its huge crystal necklace made with yellow and white gold is a must-see.

Ayati collection features the traditional Indian collection of Al Haseena, which includes outstanding pieces of diamond necklace sets, decorated with further coloured gemstones. This great jewellery collection is mainly for Indian style weddings and it’s a must-see, even if you have no intention to buy it.

As you can see, Al Haseena offers a great and diverse collection of handmade gold jewellery coming from everywhere in the world. The brand offers gold, diamond, pearl and gemstone. The most beautiful characteristic of the collections of Al Haseena are that each one of them mirrors the style of culture’s handicrafts. Check out these great gold and diamond necklace collections of Al Haseena in Dubai, in the Deira Gold Souk, where the brand has around 10 different showrooms.

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