Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

When we want to see Al Mamzar Beach Park, we will encounter a little bit of confusion, because of its name, spelled and written in at least three different ways with Mumzar also spelled Mamzar and Mamzer at the same time. Yet Al Mamzar Beach Park is a great park and resort area and it is really worth visiting.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is unique in many ways. First, is its location, which can be described best as a peninsula with the sea all around, so we can expect beach and water activities too! Al Mamzar Beach Park is located in the Deira district of Dubai, a traditional and long-term governmental district, having some important buildings and offices, such as the Dubai Police Department. This park has quite a big territory with more than a hundred hectares. It is one of the biggest parks in the downtown area. Al Mamzar Beach Park had first opened in 1994.

The Al Mamzar Beach Park is not only an ordinary park where one can sit and relax. There are villas or as they call “chalets” which can be rented even for one-day use. There are many ways to enjoy some of the traditional cultural performances of Dubai Artists. The park also has an amphitheatre for such shows. Al Mamzar Beach Park also has a very nice sports centre with different sports facilities and sport fields such as football and tennis. There is also chance to go around the park with rented bikes or one can also rent roller-skates! Thousands of diverse plants and palm trees are grown in the area of Al Mamzar Beach Park to make it a very pleasant place to stay.

As a seaside park, most of the popular attractions are connected to it, so as its beach. There is also a big pool area having the size of three swimming pools, one of which is the baby and children’s pool. This park also has a tower, which makes it the best point for people to take many photos of the view of Dubai and of the beaches.

Picnics are one of the most popular activities in the lives of local families. Therefore, one can try this small traditional place with friends and family. They can go to the park with either pre-cooked food, or can rent a barbecue to grill some good meat, to make eating an event. In the area of Al Mamzar Beach Park, there are many places where one can have a good picnic and then take a rest in the shade of the palm trees.

In case you prefer a restaurant, then you can choose from a wide variety of them in the Al Mamzar Beach Park. The park also has a beautiful green area and a Games Area for children to play with huge playgrounds. Al Mamzar Beach Park is definitely a great park to spend a relaxed day. There is no entrance fee, but be prepared with a little money if you would like to use some of the pools or other attractions. However, there is a fee for parking! Al Mamzar Beach Park is open every day.

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