Dubai Deira

Deira had once been the only towns to be found in the area where the huge, modern Dubai is situated today. This Medina or old-city Deira offers various attractions to its visitors, especially for those who are longing for the cultural-historical exploration of Dubai.

Deira is situated on the coastal side of Dubai, just next to the other famous Medina district of Dubai, the Bur Dubai district. The natural border that separates the districts is the Dubai creek. There has been a long-time rivalry between these two old-town centres of Dubai, the Deira and the Bur Dubai districts. Instead of vacillating, which one to see, the best way is of course to visit both of them, because each one has its own style, history and attractions.

Deira has once had been the seat of the headquarters of Dubai, from where the government regulated the political issues. Now its importance is more touristic than political. Among Deira’s various and colourful attractions, a must mention is the famous gold-souk or gold marketplace, which is one of the biggest and most visited in Dubai. Its beautiful spice souk is also really worth visiting, with its bustling life and the wide variety of spices in beautiful colours. One of Deira’s most remarkable attractions, the Dhow Wharfage is to be found in the beautiful Port Saeed, which used to be port for the anglers and merchants for centuries. In case you have never heard of them before, let us look back in the history of Dubai.

Dubai had long been the so-called Mecca of the merchants. The Jumeirah area, a long-time business-hub dating back to the Medieval Ages, serving every area in- and even outside the Persian Gulf, selling and transporting its goods, such as the beautiful pearls, from which Dubai had been already very well known those times.

These goods were usually transported on the water, due to the great location of the town, which has enabled the merchants both to buy and to sell their goods and transport them on water. The Dhow Wharvages has been in use specifically by merchants for centuries. These vessels really do have a unique look, with their long shape and the best wood makes all of them! Even these years, the Dhow Warfages of Deira are widely used to carry goods between Dubai and the neighbouring Middle-Eastern and African countries going even further, down to Somalia or to the huge Sudan.

Deira is the best to visit in the early evening hours. That is when its traditionally narrow streets are starting to get full of happy locals, who are enjoying their free time to spend outside of their homes. As many might know, who have already visited some of the Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern or African countries, people who live under the warmer tropical climate, all prefer to be out in the evening hours, which might last even until 23:00. It is really worth seeing the crowded streets, with music, and hearing the people talk. Deira’s local restaurants are also quite well known and popular all over Dubai. So do not miss the chance to try some of the local traditional foods made of camel or lamb.

Deira is an area in the city of Dubai, bordered by the Persian Gulf, Sharjah, and the Dubai Creek. This area has been the central and focal point of Dubai since a very long time. You will find a number of excellent hotels in Deira that suit your taste and your purse. The Ramee International Hotel is extremely convenient for both business travelers, as well as for leisure travelers. It is a comfortable hotel and it is located quite near to the Dubai Creek. The Shalimar Park Hotel is located within easy reach of the Dubai International Airport. The hotel is ideal for the business traveler and tourists alike and the guest rooms are well equipped with all the amenities and facilities. Some of the other hotels found in the area are the Dubai Palm Hotel, Intercity Hotel, the San Marco Hotel, and the Gulf Pearl Hotel.

Deira has an incredibly large number of restaurants and you can very well call this place a ‘Gourmet’s Paradise’. A select few of the restaurants are given here. Come to the Apple Café, a restaurant of the Twin Towers Hotel where you can have a panoramic view of the Dubai Creek while you tuck into some excellent cuisine. Peep into the Danial, also of the Twin Towers, which is said to be one of the best restaurants in Dubai. They come out with some excellent Persian cuisine and you would not believe their prices. Step into the Handi of the Taj Palace Hotel where you can eat some delectable Indian cuisine.

If you are looking for some nightlife in Deira, you do have some excellent options. Check out the 19th hole and enjoy a drink in leisure after a hectic game of golf. You could grab a snack if you are in a hurry. Try one of their flavored shishas. It is a wonderful place to chill out with a drink. Step into the Champions which is known for its delicious American dishes. The Club Envy is a smart night club located near the World Trade Center. You do get a glamorous crowd here and you shouldn’t be surprised if you run into some of the local celebrities. Step into the Creek Bar, which is one of the Indian night clubs. The music is awesome and the shows and the dances are truly Indian. It is guaranteed to be an amazing experience.

If you have nothing better to do, you can indulge in the all-time favorite pastime of shopping. There are a number of shops in Dubai and any shopper cannot resist the temptation of shopping. There are a number of shopping malls and traditional souqs in Dubai. Enjoy the experience of shopping in the souqs, where you can enjoy the wonderful experience of bargaining. Dubai is known as the shopping capital of the Middle East and no tourist will forfeit this experience of shopping here, in this wonderful city and enjoying the experience.

Deira City Centre, which is a mall located near the waterfront, is one of the most visited malls in Dubai. The mall, with a space of over 1.2 million square feet, is an entertainment and leisure complex, spread over three levels. The mall is considered an architectural marvel. It has 350 shops and a car park, which can house 6000 cars.

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