Al Qasr Hotel

Al Qasr Hotel is one of the biggest hotels that lie on the territory of the entertainment complex called Madinat Jumeirah. The Al Qasr Hotel is one of the best hotels in Dubai without doubt it is one of the luxury hotels of this amazing city in the Middle East.

Dubai is one of the main touristic cities in the Middle East, targeting to be the most attractive tourist destination in the whole world, a type of huge Disney Land of the Arabic World. Although not all the ideas and incredible plans that were planned to be constructed here have come true, but Dubai really makes and effort and that is what makes it one of the today’s most desired tourist paradises.

The Al Qasr Hotel is within such unbelievable complex, owned and managed by the huge Jumeirah hotel group and the best way to describe it, is to see a crowded marketplace packed with shops, gardens, hotels and canals. This might seem a little bit too much but if you are there and see this chaotic harmony, which is the normal way of life within the Madinat Jumeirah, you will see why there, are so many, aiming to come to stay here and not even intending to get out of it, until the end of their holidays. Indeed Madinat Jumeirah has just everything. The traditional beauty of the Arabic world mixed with all the modern wonders of technology and some authentic hotels as well, out of which Al Qasr is one. The guests of Al Qasr can move around the Souk Madinat and with all the coupons that are handled to them upon arrival, offering discounts in several restaurants of the Madinat Jumeirah, you can be sure that your stay over here will be just great.

If you see the building of Al Qasr, you will notice that it looks like a fairytale Arabic castle, mixed up with a Kasbah or fortress. In real, the hotel had been built with purpose to resemble the Sheikh’s Summer Palace. The hotel is blessed with all sorts of luxury and pampering and is in the situation to be so lucky, that if you by any chance need something that you cannot find inside, you will find it in the neighbourhood, inside the complex. The hotel has 292 rooms and suites, all with beautiful view to the Madinat‘s blue canals with the beautifully tailored gardens and to the Persian Gulf. Of course, here too, as in Venice, you have the chance to travel on these great canals. In fact, you can also get a water taxi to the Dubai Creek or anywhere else within the Madinat. The hotel has a wonderful poolside. The rooms are built featuring two main themes, the Arabic and the Ocean themes. Interestingly, the Ocean theme seems more Arabic with its characteristic turquoise leading colours, which said to be the favourite colour of Allah. Each room is supplied with everything necessary and has beautiful balconies.

The great offer of restaurants, bars, healthclubs and spas within the resort makes the whole place like a modern fairytale, and Al Qasr Hotel is great for these sorts of pampering, relaxing holidays. To contact the Al Qasr Hotel, look up the website of the Jumeirah Group. Of course, everyone who stays at Souk Madinat, can visit the neighbouring Wild Wadi Water Park for free.

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