Handbags of Alexander Wang in Dubai

Alexander Wang is one of the youngest designers who could make it big in the US and international fashion market. The designer is on his late twenties, but already possessing several national and international fashion awards for his great designs. Alexander Wang originally started with the designing of shoes only but today, he designs whole apparels for men and women all the same. The modern yet classic pieces of Alexander Wang are extremely sought after, especially the younger generations who are looking for more exclamation pieces for daily wear and for special events. Let us see where can we find Alexander Wang handbags and accessories in Dubai and let us take a look at their styles and prices to match with.

Alexander Wang has been famous since 2006 when he won his very first fashion award. Thanks to the money of the award he would establish his company and his first label store, the Phi which had such a huge success that were soon followed with deals with the huge US outlets, such as the Neiman Marcus and the Selfridges who also offer his goods and accessories, especially the Alexander Wang handbags. If you look at the first collections of the designer, you will see his obsession with the black colour. Wang loves to design black outfits, which by far had been the only negative-ish critique regarding his collections. Therefore, the designer had changed his ways slightly and from last year, he lets more colours to go with its collections, especially when it comes to his accessories, the Alexander Wang handbags. The newest collection of Wang is deeply inspired by the world of sports ( also as we are in the year of the Olympic Games) he has come out with some really extravagant pieces which sport on the sporty side of dressing-up, yet they are not entirely meant for sports reasons of course.

If you look at Alexander Wang handbags, you will get to see, that most of his handbag collections are named after men or women. Some of his best signature collections are named Diego, Emile, Rocco, Eugene or Angela. The Alexander Wang handbags and creations are especially for the modern women, He has several extravagant elements, which do not make his handbags look un-elegant of course, yet we can say almost each one model is a statement piece. Alexander Wang handbags and shoes are sold in Dubai by Saks Fifth Avenue, which has an exclusive contract with the young designer. At Saks, within BurJuman Shopping Mall, you will see that the variety of handbags and other fashion items is just great! Alexander Wang has no label store in the United Arab Emirates, although we can expect it to happen within a year or two. Until then, you have Saks in Dubai to buy the newest Alexander Wang bags and other creations.

Alexander Wang handbags have their own personality as we have stated it before; therefore, you need to pay their prices. Alexander Wang handbags are selling between AED 2100 and 5500. Apart from handbags, you should not miss to see the beautiful collection of shoes, also available at Dubai’s Saks Fifth Avenue.

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