Phillip Lim Handbags in Dubai

If you are looking for designer handbags in Dubai, then you shouldn’t miss the collections of Phillip Lim. Phillip Lim might not yet be among the best ever names in the fashion business but he has established a name for himself in the United States and Asia. Let us see in this article what is worth knowing about Phillip Lim and his brand which is called 3.1 Phillip Lim. We will also get to see where you can find Phillip Lim handbags and fashion items in Dubai.

Phillip Lim was among the very first non Japanese Asians in the United States whose collections caused a huge success on the fashion scene. Lim was born in Thailand and arrived in the United States when he was a child. He had developed a huge interest in the designing of diverse fashion items, specifically street wear, handbags and footwear. His first success came in 2006 with his Fall collection first representing a widely elegant yet unique style which has become his trademark later on. Phillip Lim bags and in fact all of his creations are widely known to include diverse fashion elements, many time all in one. The wide usage of colours is also a trademark of Lim whose fashion empire is among the biggest today in the US and all around the world. Apart from colours, Lim has a huge love for the colours white and navy blue that you can often spot in his creations. The designer is also fond of floral motives and prints on its creations. Lim’s collections have been receiving the best previews since 2006, and in 2007, the designer was awarded with the Council of Fashion Designers of America Emerging Talent in Womenswear award. Lim is well known to get inspirations from diverse sources and countries, such as England, school uniforms, Edith Bouvier Beale a well-known US socialite and many other types.

The Phillip Lim style is what is called effortlessly elegant and classy in the same time. Phillip Lim’s first Asian stores, in Seoul and Tokyo caused a huge success and the brand is still extremely famous in this continent. The brand has debuted in Dubai together with the opening of Dubai’s first Saks Fifth Avenue that you can find in the BurJuman Shopping Mall. Here, you can find the best extensive collection of Phillip Lim bags, footwear and fashion designs. The Phillip Lim handbags are not too cheap, but the best thing in them is, that they are sold at a wide price range, so you can get Phillip Lim handbags for AED 1600 and also for AED 4050, giving more people a chance to buy one or more of Lim’s great collections.

Phillip Lim has no label store in Dubai yet, but if the brand carries on with much success, especially regarding its great accessories such as Phillip Lim handbags. The Saks Dubai has an extensive collection of Lim’s great handbags and if you visit Dubai during one of the shopping festivals, you can even end up getting Phillip Lim handbags for a lower price.

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