An Amazing Day at Aquaventure

Aquaventure water park is part of the huge Atlantis the Palm hotel complex that is arguably one of the largest and most popular hotels of Dubai, standing on the outer rim of Palm Jumeirah Island, giving visitors and residents the most beautiful panoramic view to the sea surrounding its huge building.

Atlantis, the Palm has its own Marine and Water park segment that encompass the following: Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure, The Lost Chambers, Atlantis Dive Centre, Kerzner Marine Foundation

Aquaventure is the water theme park of this segment, it’s definitely one of the most popular water parks of Dubai, therefore it may get quite crowded at times. Aquaventure has several different attractions for young and old in order for everyone to enjoy the beauty of activities in the water. Aquaventure has its water slides, river slides, its Young Kids section, its own beach, the Aquaventure Beach when you feel like having a great swim in the sea.

Out of the water slides, it is the Ziggurat, which is definitely the most attractive for many, most of the times featured as the trademark of Aquaventure. In the middle of the Ziggurat that looks authentic, there is a great water slide, which is not a normal, but a twist and turn slide and it will bring you straight into a beautifully blue pool full of sharks of different species such as bow mouth sharks, guitar sharks and grey reef sharks. You will though not experience the meeting with them face-to-face because a fully transparent tube will suck you. You will be underwater in-between these beautiful sea-fishes while travelling on the tube ending up in a beautiful lagoon. As the underwater tunnel is sometimes putting you, in complete darkness, this journey is thrilling and definitely not for those who get scared easily.

There are other great rides at Aquaventure though worth trying. The Rapids takes you on a quick-pace river ride and the Torrent River is a great 600-metre long journey with one-metre large waves taking you down on a tropical river making you feel you are in the heart of a jungle. These journeys are definitely not for smaller children, for them it is the Splash Area and the Water Playground are the best fun places to be. The beachside of Aquaventure means a great 700-metre long private beach where you can have a great time all the same.

When talking about Aquaventure we cannot miss out to say a few words about the Lost Chambers either. Lost Chambers is an inevitable place for those who have interest in museums, interesting exhibitions and some history. The Lost Chambers state none other than holding the ruins and remains most likely originated from Atlantis as they contain such forms and shapes which according to the scientists belong to no living or extinct civilisation on Earth. The exhibition is beautiful; it is fully underwater and made to be interesting and entertaining also for children.

Aquaventure is a great and combined attraction inside Atlantis the Palm hotel and it is a must-visit even if you do not wish to use its slides but to visit the Lost Chambers or the Dolphin Bay. Aquaventure is a great family program though and if you are with family it is for sure that, you will return here very soon.

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