The Lost Chamber

The Lost Chamber is a part of the many attractions that the famous Aquaventure Theme Park can offer. The Lost Chamber as an attraction in itself is unique in many ways, being a highly popular place among those people who visit Dubai, not to mention the locals!

The Aquaventure Water Theme Park, offering the Lost Chamber Attraction is relatively new. It is built inside the world-famous Atlantis, The Palm resort, one of the biggest and most magnificent looking buildings with a very special location.

Atlantis, The Palm, is today the main hotel of one of Dubai’s main sights, the unique island complex made by man, the very first in the world of its kind, representing to serve luxury in every ways. The Palm complex specifically created in such a way that the blocks of islands together would form the shape of a huge palm tree. Its sight is especially magnificent when one looks down at it from a plane or a helicopter. The Atlantis hotel opened in 2008, and ever since the main attraction and leisure centre is the Aquaventure, together with the huge Atlantis Bay forms the base of leisure and entertainment. Those who are not staying in the hotel can also visit these attractions. This is a good way of making a very good profit for the hotel.

Lost Chamber, within the Aquaventure of the leisure centre of Atlantis Hotel is special in many ways because it is an entertaining attraction smartly combined with a virtual tour and exhibition rooms. Therefore, it is a complex way to see, enjoy and learn at the same time.

The story of the Lost Chamber dates back to the time, when the construction of the Palms islands had started. During that time, work also included the excavation of tons of sand from the bottom of the sea. The workers had found many strange-looking ruins and other finds, which they had reported to the Archaeologist Centre in Dubai. The members, when hearing about this news, immediately started their own research work in the huge area. What they had found was breathtaking! Not only a couple of ruins, but they could see streets and later on rebuilt with the founding of passing stones around the area, all under the water. Out of these, they have found many artefacts too. This is now, where Lost Chamber can be seen.

As they later have drawn the conclusion, all the ruins and remainders they found, were not part of any of the Arabic culture in the area, but much older. According to the theory that they have set, these ruins would have been the findings of the Lost Continent, the Atlantis.

You can find all these stories when walking around the streets of Lost Chamber, all under the water. It is made of special Plexiglas so that the tourists can walk on the restored underwater streets, but also remain dry and fresh while they enjoy hearing the stories of the Lost Chamber including much information on the Atlantis. Ultimately, due to Lost Chamber that the huge hotel developed in this unique area, it had been named Atlantis. While walking around its narrow streets, you can find that Lost chamber has many rooms within. One can also learn or see more artefacts and enjoy a virtual introduction about Atlantis. Children can have a lot of fun in one of the playrooms or courses.

Finally, Lost Chamber is a fantastic attraction with the magnificent Aquaventure. The Lost Chamber welcomes every visitor, includes guiding for groups and with its map handed over as a help, people can enjoy the tour alone as if they are on a treasure hunt, under the water!

Dubai is at the beach of Arabian Sea and that has given the best exposure to the sea life hidden in this magnificent part of nature. Dubai is known for utilizing this feature in an extraordinary way. Aquariums, diving, parks at beach provides best access to sea world. The Lost Chambers is one of the famous theme parks that is known for its amazing diving and unique encounter with sea animals.

The Lost Chambers theme park takes you to the mysterious journey of the ruins of Atlantis and presents some of the rare marine animals that you have never dreamed of. The chambers of the park provides unique encounter with the sea animals and the mysterious tunnel maze that keeps you lost in one of the oldest civilizations. The theme park exhibits various marine lives and ensures to display the historical content with spectacular range of sea animals. The exclusive aqua theatre show and the touch tank are some of the unique features of The Lost Chambers. One of the amazing excitements is the diving experience deep into the ambassador lagoon where you can literally find the amazing sea animals right next to you.

There are exclusive tours by the guiders who take you to the amazing world of mystery and explain all the details of the legendary place with the necessary information related to marine life. The chamber of the seven sages in The Lost Chamber Park displays the expertise of the divers in interacting with the sea animals as well as diving professionally to create ambiance in the sea. The ambassador lagoon provides the spectacular view of the divers feeding the sea animals and gives unforgettable moments that you remember for ages. One of the unique features of The Lost Chambers is the feeding of shark lagoon by your hands. The process of feeding is assisted by an aquarist arranged by theme park.

Behind is the scene is an attraction where one can join the navigator and experience the memorable activity of feeding the marine life. One can also experience the basic facts of caring these sea animals. The family fun day in The Lost Chamber is an amazing event arranged for families where they can spend the full day with the qualified instructors and divers to have fun with all the mysteries and uniqueness of sea animals. Apart from educating about the species and historical contents, there are other fun activities at The Lost Chamber to make the most of the day.

Each year the world ocean day is celebrated in The Lost Chambers where a number of activities are held to celebrate the day with full enthusiasm. The theme park is also famous for its respect to the ocean and known for holding many effective seminars regarding creating awareness related to sea and promotion of programs to divert people attention towards this amazing source of nature. The theme park is also favourable for corporate events as they provide the best facilities in private events. To enjoy all the exciting features look for the park calendar.

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