Arabian Ranches Golf Course

Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Out of the hundreds of colourful and never-seen attractions planned to be in the area of Dubailand, Arabian Ranches Golf Course is currently one of the very few projects that are actually operating. Arabian Ranches Golf Course, built with the intention to bring new colour into the golf life of Dubai, is creating a new community in the city.

Designed by Ian Baker-Finch well-known golf player, together with Nicklaus Designs, the designs of Arabian Ranches Golf Course was such that the whole area would look like South Texas or Mexico. Well, there are many similarities between the climate and terrain of the two, so the plans were coming out of bright ideas. The entire Arabian Ranches Golf Course has designs to be like a village. Communities of golf and nature lovers can live in the area of the golf course and can enjoy the other facilities, which the ranch has to offer.

About the actual golf courses, Arabian Ranches was the one, which introduced the GPS localization system in order to help the golfers. Out of the courses, there is a championship 18-hole par 72 course, which is putting emphasis on the characteristics of desert combining the deserted areas with the grassy ones very smartly, so that the golfers can face enough challenge on the field. The area of this course is almost a hundred hectare big.

When it comes to golf, there is a golf Academy offering the chance for one either to learn or to improve their skills in golf. Next to the Academy, there is also a magnificent old Spanish–styled Clubhouse, where one can enjoy the great meals of the Ranch Restaurant and relax in one of the relaxing rooms of the clubhouse. In the clubhouse, there is also a high quality golf shop selling just everything in connection with golf.

The developers of the Arabian Ranches Golf Course seen clearly that when it comes to ranch and Mexico, there should be facilities for horse riding as well. Therefore, there is some great horse riding tracks for the fans of this sport. This place, the Equestrian Centre also has a very nice clubhouse together with shops and much information on the horse-riding heritage of the Arabic people. The clubhouse offers great meals, and even has a spa and relaxing place with several swimming pools for one to have their best time in the Arabian Ranches Golf Course.

As all golf courses, Arabian Ranches Golf Course is also having strict requirements on who may enter its golf courses and what is the required wear, mainly aiming the type of shoes, and the style of the outlook. The type and quality of shoes have a key importance in golf, as we know it takes years for a golf course to develop the highest quality grass for golfing. The golf shoes for this reason must have soft soils and must not have heels. All those playing golf know that buying a good quality golf shoe is an investment worth every penny.

Arabian Ranches Golf Course is a great sight for all those golf-lovers who would like to spend a relaxed day in this resort. It offers several type of membership opportunities, and if you are new to Dubai, there is no better chance to make new friends there than a great game of golf together!

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