Arabic Restaurants of Dubai

Being an Arabic country, it is the most natural that Dubai has hundreds if not thousands of Arabic restaurants of all kinds, sizes and quality. The Arabic cuisine is one of the most colourful and definitely one of the best cuisines in the world. Although Arabic people prefer to eat at home, the restaurants are also highly used for socialising and business meetings. The most popular Arabic restaurants are located in downtown Dubai.

Talking about the Arabic foods as Allah says in the Holy Quran, the most important foods for Arabic people to eat are bread, olive oil and eggs. These also equal the most important breakfast items in all the Arabic countries.

As you may well know, Arabic people do not consume pork, it is highly forbidden. However, you can choose from any other meat, the lamb and chicken meat being among the most preferred ones. Arabic countries are very famous for their diverse types of steaks.

The Arabic countries have many common foods featured in their local cuisine, yet many differences exist, depending on the region of the Arabic country we are talking about. Besides the similarities based on the verses of the Holy Quran referring to the best eating habits which should be exercised by all Muslims, of course many foods are prepared in a different way in each country. Among the most popular Arabic restaurants, we can find many Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan, Syrian and Jordanian restaurants.

If you would like the perfect atmosphere, then choose a dhow cruise in the evening with dinner and show or try a desert safari with dinner. These are by far the best authentic choices for tourists to meet the world famous Arabic cuisine.

When we refer to Arabic restaurants, then we can mean the average Arabic cuisine, which serves specialities from all Arabic regions. The best places are highly visited by tourists. So let us enlist a couple of the best Arabic restaurants, which we can find in Dubai.

Al Qasr
Many say that this is among the best Arabic restaurants in town. They are very authentic and simply with a marvellous cuisine. Al Qasr is among the highest visited restaurants in Dubai serving diverse Arabic specialities and giving a helping hand for the tourists when it comes to choosing just one out of the dozens of meals on offer. Luckily, Al Qasr offers several types of menus too. Get a menu for yourselves, this way you can eat different foods served together, this helps you to learn more about Arabic cuisine. This restaurant can be found in the Dubai Marine Beach Resort.

Al Basha
If you want to look for Arabic restaurants where you can see belly dancers perform on a high level, while you are enjoying the great Arabic foods, then Al Basha is the place for you. The offers of Al Basha also contain intercontinental dishes. This restaurant can be found in the Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai.

Cafe Arabesque in the Park Hyatt Hotel

This is a great site for you to taste the Arabic cuisine also with economical prices, but great quality. This place is a must-visit, for the lovers of Arabic food.

You can also find diverse Arabic restaurants all around the town. Try the smaller places in the souks where locals go. These are always noisy but serve the best foods in town. Other high quality Arabic restaurants include those being part of the best hotels in town. If you want a dinner with performance, ask your hotel on which are the best programs and places in town.

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