Are There Any Good British Restaurants in Dubai?

Well, British are not extensively famous for their cuisine, French going so far saying that British have no cuisine at all. However, indeed there are some great British foods worth tasting. British food mainly consists of the British curry, the popular fish and chips, the tea with the British cookies, the many sorts of puddings and we could go on.

Indeed Dubai has thought of the British taste, also because there are a vast number of tourists arriving from all parts of United Kingdom to visit Dubai. The number English expats is also high here. In addition, Dubai is famous for keeping all the international places, giving chance for each nation to feel a bit more at home while in Dubai. So, let us see some of the most popular British restaurants in Dubai.

Al Murjan
Famous for its British teatime, this is a high-luxury place. Al Murjan is part of the Hotel Concourse, so you will see loads of elegant people here, which also means that you might not be let in with shorts and flip-flops. There are all sorts of sweets over here and unfortunately not each one taste or feels, as they should. Al Murjan is not exactly belonging on the list of British restaurants in Dubai, but it is a great luxury place to be, really colonial.

Brick Lane
This one of the few British restaurants abroad offers real British curry. Yes, they say there is a big difference between the Indian and British curry, at least the way they are made. The offer of Brick Lane is extensive which makes it a nice place to be. The interiors are nice yet they mirror the classic taste of interior of any classic British pubs back in Great Britain. The prices of Brick Lane are quite high. Try the Humble Dupiaza, which is sweet curry, with banana. Overall, the critiques on Brick Lane are quite positive.

This is a great place to be, not really one of the British restaurants but rather a classic British pub than a restaurant. The choice of food is not wide but what they have, they prepare is quite tasty. Sometimes even on wooden plates. You can freely try the fish and chips here or a roast beef, fresh salad. Unfortunately, there are no roast potatoes going with the roast, but French fries. Of course, there are tellies all over the place, which makes it even more attractive when it comes to watching some sport games or football matches.

Fish and Chips Room
This is a great seaside place located in Jumeirah next to Murjan and Bahar. If you want to taste some fish and chips and other multiple seafood, then do not hesitate and choose this place. You will be able to taste cod and hammour just to mention these two examples. Right now, this little place has the best quality fish and chips in the beachside area. It is suggested that you get your food out of the place and eat it on the beach. This is also a takeaway place and it is open until 4 am.

There are several more British restaurants in Dubai, about a dozen more places, though the quality varies from place to place. Visit one of the above listed British restaurants and have a great night out while you are staying in Dubai.

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