Baldi Furniture in Dubai

Buying suitable furniture for a home is a headache for every home owner. Baldi furniture is located in the Dubai Mall from where you can purchase a variety of furniture, lightings, furnishing fabrics, and home décor items. At Baldi, you will get furniture of latest designs using traditional workmanship giving a new look to your rooms. The store at the Dubai Mall offers all the masterpieces of furniture from this international brand. Each furniture item at Baldi is combined with ancient and modern techniques. You will get furniture for every room in your house at Baldi such as living, dining, and bedrooms.

Baldi is an Italian furniture company based in Florence. The furniture of Baldi provides you with the beauty of Italian furniture. You can select from a great collection of furniture make by famous Italian designers. Each furniture piece in Baldi is unique and innovative. Baldi brand was established in the year 1867 and it became one of the world famous furniture brands. Each individual has their own taste of furniture. Most people would like to have unique furniture for their home to make homes unique and adorable. Baldi furniture store helps you to make your home unique and trendy.

Everyone can find great furniture for their home from Baldi store in the Dubai Mall. Since, the furniture of Baldi are made by combining the modern and traditional techniques, they are unique in their own way. You can go for designer furniture to provide a trendy look to the rooms in your house. Office furniture is also available at the Baldi store in the Dubai Mall. Most of the products of Baldi are created using ancient techniques of handicraft by cutting stones, shaping with chisel, and wax casting. The products are created by using semi-precious stones and bronzes to make your home unique and luxurious.

Only limited collection of furniture is available in each design at Baldi store in the Dubai Mall. Baldi is creating all furniture products by handing using semi-precious materials like onyx, lapis lazuli, amethyst, bronze, marble, crystal, and malachite. Baldi is making its furniture collection unique by using materials which are valuable and hand-cut. Baldi is recreating the furniture of great artists from various eras for people who love beautiful furniture art works. The unique heritage of Baldi is passed over centuries which make their furniture unique from other brands.

The world famous masterpiece of Baldi is the creation of Rock crystal bathtub. The rock crystal bathtub is carved from a single rock crystal piece of Amazonian rainforest. The rock crystal bathtub is considered as the most expensive bathtub around the globe. You can make your interior exclusive using Baldi in the Dubai Mall with their creativity, passion, originality of designs and Florentine taste of furniture. The workmanship, unique designs, quality materials, and perfect finishing touches make the furniture of Baldi as products with great value and style. Enjoy the elegant looks of Italian furniture pieces in each room of your house by purchasing products from Baldi store in the Dubai Mall.

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