Beautiful Crystal Jewellery

People like beautiful things; it is just naturally happened in the world. Jewellery is the beauty which is sought by people, not only woman but also man. In Dubai, jewellery becomes a daily view of the trending topic, all over the city. Everyday, the Dubai jewellery trade is crowded with high-valued transactions by the jewellers and jewellery enthusiasts from the international communities. Any kind of jewellery is being traded; from diamond to pearl jewellery, from amber to crystal jewellery. The last mentioned is the unique variants of jewellery which are specifically sought by the crystal collectors and traders. The gemstone has proven to be attractive and has high value due to its unique compositions and appearance.

Talking about crystal means talking about the solid material whose contains of atoms, molecules, and ions are well arranged in a three-dimensional concord pattern. Crystal’s microscopic structure is usually uniquely even and sometimes symmetrical, while the macroscopic appearance of the stone usually consists of flat, not rough surface with specific orientation. Since the stone is unique and beautiful by its first judgment on its appearance, people start to use the crystalline solid as decorations or jewellery. The beauty of the crystal in form of rocks makes many jewellers curious and decides to do the rocks as the object of their art. The results are dazzling beaded gold or silver jewellery with crystals. The famous manufacturers of crystal jewellery that have loud sound in Dubai are for example Hazel Mills and Swarovski.

The Hazel Mills Company is a great supplier of jewellery with crystal; it is based in Dubai, UAE and is staffed with international-skilled designers and artisans. The crystaleyes, the creations with crystal, made by the manufacturer are great quality products made of selected and well-processed crystals. The brand produces only handmade jewellery using the availability of various natural crystals, which are cut accordingly, to form various attractive figures of gemstone. The brand also offers good quality crystals which have healing properties in them. It is believed that the crystal can improve the positive energy and block the negativity of the aura, so that it can “heal” the condition of human being. All the collections from the brand are exclusive, handmade, and often one-of-a-kind; therefore there are only limited products for each collection. The clients can only reach the provider by phone and order their preference of crystal jewellery from the online catalogue on its official website.

The next famous crystal provider is Swarovski. It is maybe the most well-known crystal jewellery manufacturer and provider in the world. When it comes to quality; Swarovski will never make any compromise about it. The thing that makes this brand so popular is the fact that the brand has the finest cut crystal in the whole world. The founder of the brand himself created the new technique to refine and cut crystal. The technique enables the manufacturer to have high speed and high precision cut of crystals, involving some chemical techniques using special tool. The precision of the cut creates the best brightness and shine, close to diamond. It is what Swarovski crystal is all about; the beauty of crystal at its best and its highest level of shine.

Nowadays, the brand owns multiple brand stores and exclusive brand stores in all over the world, Dubai is included on the list of the important markets. Swarovski is specifically popular in Dubai, among people who can afford to purchase the jewellery, decoration, or hauteur couture from the brand. The Dubai Mall may be the first destination for the Swarovski lover in Dubai, to get the collection of it. The other places are in the Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Festival Centre, Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai, West Crescent Palm Dubai, and Duty Free Shopping Complex of Dubai International Airport.

The manufacturers of crystal jewellery are rather exclusive than the other kind of gemstones, therefore to reach the products need specific place to go. Yet, some multi-brands store may have collections of crystal jewellery too. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and Dubai Gold Souk are two preferable places to do the crystal jewellery hunting. Watch closer; the finer the cut of the crystal, the better the quality of the crystal is, and the higher the value of the crystal is.

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