Shopping at the Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

The holder of an important position in the world’s jewellery market recently is Dubai, the city where the gold, diamonds, and the other sparkles stones gather in one place. The city has been famous to host high quality jewellery brands and also the international brands of jewellery. The fortune of the city to be the “city of gold” is because the top notch trading of gold and pearls. So many souks or modern stores where in you can purchase prominent quality jewellery are spread all over the Dubai area. Now, there is a place, which offers one stop jewellery shopping, with convenient view, facilities, and amenities, the place must be Dubai Gold & Diamond Park. The establishment of the park is to provide a pleasant destination for jeweller and the jewellery businessmen to get extra amenities and features in office leasing. It is also providing multi-stores facility for the shoppers with so many choices and so nice facilities.

The location of the Dubai Gold & Diamond Park is in the 4th Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road. It is more or less 22 km from Dubai Airport. For the Dubai visitors who can visit the place between 10 am and 10 pm, it is more than just a place to shop; it is a worth-to-visit spectacle as the marker of Dubai as the real city of gold. The building is built with the concept of specified shopping malls on the area nearly 156,000 m2, hosting over 350 stores in 118 manufacturing blocks. The harmonious healthy relationship between 90 leading retailers of gold and diamonds in Dubai happens in the place. It is an ideal place both for seller and buyer, conducting the business and having fun finding the best quality gold and precious gemstones. Since it is launched in 2001, the Dubai Gold & Diamond park has attracted so many attention from the Dubaitees, local or international tourist, and especially the international gold and diamond business. It gains a positive reputation as the main destination for gold and diamond, with the distinctive top notch quality, just like no where else in the world. Not only does the park provides facility to get the best quality precious collections, daily amenities such as selected cafes and restaurants are available in the outdoor courtyard, to offer more pleasurable experience in jewellery shopping.

The Dubai Gold & Diamond Park is one of the Emaar’s property, a giant company of property in the city that always give the best and the finest quality establishment for all the clients and visitors. The complex of the building is a limited liability company which is working under and owned the Emaar Properties. For the businessmen who are planning to dive into the place; the workshops, retails, and the offices can be leased from a period of 1 to 3 years max. Since it is more than just an ordinary specified shopping mall, government decided to give support for the area and once the visitors enter the complex, it is absolutely 100% tax free zone. It means so much benefit for both the seller and buyer. The quality of the building is unquestionably sustainable and it offers conveniences for all visas of expatriate workers holders. Since the products traded inside the building costs more than just ordinary consumer goods, the top security is applied in the whole area, with 24/7 operational system. The combination between convenience and security cannot be better than it is applied in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. More services on transportation and special gift card for your important ones are also available on your request.

Since it is called “special” mall for gold and jewellery, it does not mean that there is no service other than that business. The shops available in the building cover nearly all that the visitors and jewellers need. There are health and fitness centre, bicycle facility, chocolate and gift shops, education and entertainment, salon, financial services, legal services, money exchange centers, and supermarket. All the people need will be available in the place. Surely, it is a top rated place which becomes a must-visit spot in Dubai. Another charm and attraction that you won’t want to deny, is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

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