Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

Although the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park has been open since 2001, it was after its reconstruction that the huge jewellery mall has started to gain momentum. The Gold and Diamond Park is much more than a shopping complex. More specifically, it is such a complex that also deals with selling jewellery but its main profile is to accommodate global jewel companies and manufacturers with the providing of workshops and offices for them. Currently, there are above 50 jewellery businesses that have totally or partially relocated to carry on from the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park as the complex offers very good and money saving solutions for everyone who deals with jewellery manufacturing. Let us see what we can find and what is worth knowing about Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

Dubai’s gold and diamond industries are really in highlight nowadays as Dubai wishes to have an important role on the global gold and gemstone market and by far, it manages pretty well in doing so. The emirate has a central role especially in the Middle East, yet it creates a huge profit every year with its huge jewellery market that makes the most of its daily profits. Dubai jewellery, gold and diamond markets and their prices and exact behaviour is dictated by the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Centre) which is the appointed party to regulate it by the government of Dubai. DMCC has also a key role with the creating of possibilities for the Dubai jewellers on the international market, in the manufacturing of high quality jewellery and importing the highest quality diamonds and gemstones. DMCC also organises multiple events yearly in order to enhance its global role on the jewellery market.

The huge Emaar Properties, as something the world has never seen before, set up Dubai Gold and Diamond Park: a complex with the initial goal of making jewellery manufacturers from all around the world stay there, work there and if they wanted, even sell their jewellery in one of the boutiques of the Visitors Centre. Although the rental costs are not too low, there are many for who is well worth moving into the complex as Dubai being tax free, they can save lots of money, regardless of selling their jewellery inside or outside the United Arab Emirates.

There are 118 manufacturing units within the mall, which went through an enlargement, which finished around 2006. The visitors today know well about the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and it receives a great deal of visitors every day. The visitors area is the Park’s Visitor Centre where there are more than 50 stores offering all sorts of jewelleries. Some of the best brands include Damas or Cara Jewellers both of which are very famous for tourists. You can even look at and buy the very rare gold alloy called purple gold, which is still very new on the jewellery market. There are also coffee shops in the Visitors Centre and the prices here are good which make the place even more attractive for tourists. The centre also includes a great open-air court, besides the whole place is of course air-conditioned.

Other notable brands having their store and manufacture here include Sky Jewellers, Ary Jewellery, Emirates Diamonds and Thamina Jewels. There is also a miniature gold refinery within the complex but for more information on seeing it you need to contact the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park directly.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is located on the huge Sheikh Zayed Road, not too far from the tourist area. If you go there by metro, get off at the First Gulf Bank Metro Station. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is quite close to the Mall of the Emirates but if you are there, it is still worth taking a taxi to get to the Park because getting through the conjunction on foot is virtually impossible.

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