Beautiful Jewellery By Tiffany in Dubai

Talking about the most famous American brand of jewellery, the Tiffany jewellery is like trying to measure the Pacific Ocean with a test tube. The launch of each of the Tiffany jewellery outlets was an event that looked forward to with much anticipation. For those who believe that the kind of shopping that a man does can give a peek into his personality, a man who does his gold shopping at Tiffany jewellery will seem like a good catch.

The classic designs made famous by the Tiffany team are still available at all Tiffany outlets but the jewellery has taken care to move with the times and include the popular trendy designs in their collection at all their various outlets all across Dubai and the rest of the world. The collections at the Dubai showroom will have to be a little extra special as it has to satisfy the ever-changing choice palate of the place which is known to be melting pot of world cultures. So go in for the most satisfying and fulfilling gold shopping experience at Tiffany jewellery outlets.

Where to find Tiffany jewellery? You can find a their jewellery outlets at all these different places: Mall of the Emirates in Barsha, Deira City Centre at Deira, The Dubai Mall.

What are the special features and attractions?
The most famous attraction associated with Tiffany’s would certainly be the world famous Tiffany diamond. This stunning piece of stone is estimated to be a head numbing 128.54 carats. This stone can be found on display on almost all of the newly opened Tiffany stores. Therefore, even if gold shopping is not on your priority list, it will be worth your time to go into a Tiffany jewellery to get a good look at this wonder stone.

Gift pieces at Tiffany’s
Tiffany’s takes gifting to be a serious business. You can understand from this point that all the customers who visits Tiffany’s regularly do not like to be let down by the gift pieces, hence Tiffany’s has taken it upon itself to play the role of the perfect gift maker and has come out with a wide range of stunning gift pieces which will ensure that your name stays on the lips of the lucky person who receives the gift. These pieces come with an unbelievable price tag and unsurpassable quality standards.

The heart collection
This is another collection that has taken the name and popularity of Tiffany jewellery to an all new level. Nowadays every person who is looking forward to doing some serious jewellery shopping in Dubai will have the tiffany heart on his or her list. The tiffany heart is available is yellow, pink and white gold. These beautifully crafted hearts can be paired with chains to make an attention grabber. These hearts, which can be paired easily with any piece in your wardrobe, would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your ladylove. The open design of the Tiffany hearts makes it a chic choice that the women prefer.

So go for the American class elegance and style with a Tiffany jewellery piece. A trip to tiffany’s can make your jewellery shopping in Dubai even more memorable.

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