Beautiful Necklaces by Damas

Originating from Syria, Damas Jewellery is today’s most established brand of its own. Having the most extensive collections of jewellery from all over the world in Dubai, Damas is the only brand the collection of which is so huge that it has decided to establish several sorts of its stores that all contain collections for the customers of different budget. In this article, we would like to represent the outstanding necklace collections of Damas Jewellery and tell you about the whereabouts of Damas stores in Dubai.

Damas is not only the biggest of Dubai’s jewellery brands but it’s also its oldest. Setting up its first store in the Sixties, Damas today has a growing number of stores all over Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, having opened its first European flagship store in the UK. Damas has three sorts of stores depending on the value of its collections:

• Damas Les Exclusives: Containing the worthiest and the most beautiful and expensive collections of jewellery and watches, you will see lots of Damas Les Exclusives stores in the shopping malls of Dubai, specifically in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Dubai Mall and in the exclusive stores of Atlantis – the Palm, Jumeirah Towers among many other luxury shopping places. Les Exclusive stores offer the haute couture collections jewellery and watches, yet this not mean exclusivity of finding brands only here.

• Damas Semi Exclusives: Offer brands which are closer to a wider range of customers in price

• Damas 22K offers the great collections of the brand, which are the most available to the grand public due to a friendlier price.

Damas Jewellery currently takes care of 12 of its own brands, 10 international jewellery brands and about 20 other brands of watches, the exclusive ones you may only find in their Les Exclusives stores. Some of the most exclusive brands it offers include Fope, Carrera y Carrera, Marco Bicego, Mikimoto Pearls and Pasquale Bruni.

If you want to check out the most beautiful necklace collections of its own brands we offer you not to miss seeing Harmony, the necklace collection of which is decorated with golden drops, its Hayati Collection beautifully embodies the perfect Dubai jewellery that features Western style with a bit of an Oriental touch. Classic Arabic style necklace collections of Damas can be found in their Mantoorah collection, featuring outstanding necklaces and its Jawaher Collection represents us to a more Indian style set jewellery collections.

Exclusive diamond jewellery collections of Damas are the new collection of OneSixEight and Solitaire featuring some of the biggest diamonds you can see included in single jewellery. Apart from these beautiful collections, Damas offers exclusive men’s jewellery and baby and children jewellery in its stores.

The great brand also has special releases for celebrations such as Ramadan, or the Indian New Year, the Diwali. Damas is also the Dubai representative of brands, such as Tiffany and Co. and features some of its international collections in mono-brand stores too. The exclusive collections of Damas Jewellery can be seen all around Dubai, featuring multiple stores of Damas in the big shopping malls, such as Dubai Mall, Damas is being represented all around Dubai, in all the malls of downtown.

Once you are in Dubai, you should not miss to see the beautiful, unique necklace collections of Damas Jewellery, Dubai’s biggest brand. Damas Jewellery has seasonal sales and special offers in its stores. If you visit Dubai during the spring or autumn, you will have a good chance to buy some great pieces of jewellery even cheaper!

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