Beautiful Pieces by Samra Jewellery

Next to Damas, Taiba and Joyalukkas, there is also Samra Jewellery that is worth mentioning as one of the top retailer and manufacturer of jewellery. Samra mainly specializes in selling all sorts of diamond jewellery in Dubai. Samra Jewellery specializes in selling its goods online, but it has five stores all around Dubai mainly concentrated in the area of the Dubai Gold Souk, but not letting out the shopping malls either, it has shop in the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Festival City as well.

Samra Jewellery being traditional all over the world, it has also started a family business in the 1940’s by Abu Samra a jewellery maker and has since grown to be one of the most prominent jewellery brands in Dubai. Although Samra Jewellery keeps up with the new age and it is mainly concentrating on the internet merchandising, it has some stores all over Dubai mainly in the Gold Souk area in the Deira Medina and souk district.

Samra Jewellery offers all types and ranges of jewellery, from earrings to broche. Its specialized engagement ring and wedding ring collection is highly popular. The beautifully shaped jewellery sold by Samra is getting more and more popular, thanks to its great quality and the internet.

Samra sells different ranges of jewellery, from top quality exclusives to mid quality jewellery, both for special occasions and for daily use. Samra Jewellery has some specialised sets, such as the Children’s Jewellery collection and now, to be up-to-date, the Mothers’ Day collection.

Samra Jewellery’s bridal sets are sold under different brand names, up to the type of jewellery and the designs. They are called Aria, Paula, Samra and Splendore. Samra Jewellery produces and sells all these. All brands contain the most beautiful bridal sets. Aria and Samra is concentrating more on the diamond sets, and the Splendore collection has the richest offer of beautiful wedding rings. Here you can see some beautiful designs rich in fantasy and quality. The sets usually contain a necklace with a beautiful pendant and a passing pair of earrings, but there are big sets together with a bracelet as well. The wedding rings are bought separately. Thinking of the huge American and European Market, Samra Jewellery smartly offers also cross pendants, knowing how famous they are in the Western countries.

On the website of Samra Jewellery, you can also find a specialized gift section, offering jewellery gift idea in diverse price ranges from USD 100 to where only the sky is the limit. In case you decide to buy or order jewellery or a set through the internet, Samra Jewellery offers a 30-day Money back guarantee and the courier company, FedEx is used for international deliveries.

Therefore, you have the chance to shop at Samra Jewellery even though you are not in Dubai. Only you need the time to visit its website or one of its shops when you are in Dubai, it is really worth as you will see it yourself too to buy something from Samra Jewellery.

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