Botox Treatment in Dubai

Botox or Botulinum is about the cheapest and most used treatments purchased in Dubai surgeries. The reason is that Botox takes only a few minutes to do and does not need surgery or operation. However, it requires great experience and the cosmetic surgeon certificate for anyone wanting to apply this treatment. Let us see what we can get to know about Botox treatment and where can you get it in Dubai.

Botox is a special anti-wrinkle treatment applied in the form of injection and it is used for the erasing of wrinkles and crow’s feet on the forehead around the eye area next to the nose, chin area and also on the neck The material itself called Botox is quite surprisingly a toxin which has nerve-killing effect. The whole process works with the injection of a tiny amount of Botox in the area where the wrinkle or wrinkles are situated and under the wrinkle. Thanks to the poison within Botox, the nerves around the area go numb for a couple of months, and this way stops the muscles to move the skin in this particular area, which drastically fade the wrinkle too. Besides being an easy operation, Botox needs a serious expertise as is proved by several incidents performed by staff without any knowledge or certificate. Therefore, Botox treatments are categorised as cosmetic surgery treatments and strictly controlled in Dubai and in the Western European countries.

One Botox treatment will work up to 3 months. Afterwards, the muscles restart to work in the area. As we can see, Botox works the best against mimic facial wrinkles. Most people we can see on TV, in the music industry or in the fashion industry, do have their regular Botox treatments. In Dubai, every clinic that deals with cosmetic surgery offers Botox treatments. Interesting information about Botox therapy is that it is not necessarily provided by every cosmetic surgery, as many of which prefer to deal with treatments that are more complex. Dubai Medical Centres that apply Botox treatment include Silkor Medical Centre in Dubai, which deals with all sorts of non-invasive and cosmetic, especially facial treatments. Botox can also be used as lip filler.

Nowadays, new dermal fillers are emerging on the Dubai cosmetic surgery market in order to change Botox therapy for the better. One of these treatments includes Platelets Rich Plasma- PRP therapy that works with injection, and provides very similar results as Botox does. Botox or other fillers are successfully applied together with chemical peels, which are also called micro-dermabrasion that cleans the surface of the skin and even reduces the smaller wrinkle and are applied more than 48 hours prior to the Botox treatment. Clinics as Silkor, Cosmesurge or the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery are among the most popular Dubai clinics that apply Botox and other treatments with success.

Although Botox is a relatively simple treatment in terms of plastic surgery, it needs great care to apply this treatment and we suggest you not to visit any cosmetician or clinic with extra cheap prices neither in Dubai, without getting any previous trusted reviews on the place. Do not forget that Botox is only a temporary treatment. Always get informed regarding the pre- and post operation rules in order to ensure that Botox works the best and most safely.

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