The Plastic Surgery Industry of Dubai

Medical tourism is never easy, in fact it’s one of the most complicated forms of tourism types in which case the risk factor is extremely high, one of two incidents are enough for the interest to lower dramatically, therefore Dubai took all precautions and today, the vast majority of the surgeons you will see in Dubai are licensed.

Of course, the first steps of Dubai in terms of cosmetic surgery and medical tourism were quite hard. Unlicensed non-doctors were arrested for doing cosmetic surgery in flats and several beauty clinics had untrained staff to perform Botox, which resulted in deformed faces and even death. Dubai has once been the playground of international impostors posing as famous plastic surgeons, trying to do plastic surgery on kitchen tables. Luckily, it is all past today as strict international standards and checkups are performed, in order to ensure, that everyone who practices cosmetic surgery in Dubai has the required certifications and experience for doing so.

The Dubai responsible for making sure that every surgeons practicing in Dubai are legit is the Dubai Ministry of Health. Apart from this, everyone who is doing cosmetic surgery must hold a licence of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). Every cosmetic surgery must be certified to have the proper place and tools in order to conduct cosmetic surgery the safest way. Medical staff working at any clinic that performs cosmetic surgery in Dubai must be also certified and experienced. Today, most Dubai clinics get the best staff from all around the world. Plastic surgeons with name and experience arrive here from Great Britain, United States and from all around the world. Dubai’s Healthcare City is the largest healthcare complex in the world, housing some of the best medical institutions and schools as well, for those wanting to work in the healthcare industry. The Medical City, the second large healthcare complex is also under construction in Dubai. When it will be ready, Dubai will have the potential to become one of the leading members of not only cosmetic surgery but also of high profile medical tourism and research centre in the world.

Today, the need for cosmetic surgery in the Middle East is more than extreme. Although women go out completely covered, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates were ranked as the countries where the need for cosmetic surgery is the highest. Dubai is today prepared to provide everyone arriving here to undergo cosmetic surgery, to get the best services also as part of a luxurious holiday.

The following institutes are today considered as the best institutes that practice cosmetic surgery in Dubai: American-British Surgical and Medical Centre, London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, Silkor, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dubai Surgery, Cocoona Cosmetic Surgery…

These institutes perform both cosmetic and plastic Surgery, from the non-invasive to the invasive treatments that start from Spa treatments and Botox and end with ability of almost total transformation. There are of course treatments that are considered big favourites, such as liposuction, breast enlargement, nose corrections, Botox or hair transplantations that definitely lead the list. In order to Dubai patients to be able to cover the costs, several {Dubai banks} cooperate with cosmetic surgery clinics for them to offer long-term or short-term loans for the patients. However, the good points of Medical Tourism for non-Dubai residents are that patients arrive from Europe or the United States to spend lots of money for multiple medical treatments. Their medical insurance covers the majority of their costs and they can this way also arrange high quality accommodations to stay at, during their recovering period, this way enjoying a bit of a vacation as well.

This leads us to the type of Medical Tourism, which is called Cosmetic Surgery Holiday Packages, which already is quite popular in countries, such as Thailand. Institutions, such as the Denver Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai, the American Hospital or Dubai Surgery offer cosmetic surgery packages for their patients, which includes everything from operation to luxury accommodation in order to cover all needs for their guests.

Of course, when considering having a cosmetic surgery, you need to think through what exactly you want to be done. There are surgeries that tend to want to persuade patients to go for more and more, which has its dangers both medically and financially, so try to steer clear from these clinics. Free consultations, most clinics offer are a perfect way for you to get to know an institute and to decide whether you like or trust in the surgeon you talk to, or you’d rather look for a different clinic to go to.

All medical treatments, especially cosmetic surgery operations are preceded with preferably multiple conversations. This has the importance, especially when it comes to face altering surgeries, such as nose corrections. All patients must face the post-operation effects and know about them. The healing period the medicines and the pre-operation medical tests are also vital in order to determine, that a patient is medically suitable to undergo the operation. The psychological effect of a face altering procedure is highly risky as well. Patient can imagine a nose, yet still get disturbed when seeing the new nose. This may lead to feeling disturbed, even depressed. At high quality clinics there are programs, which can more or less punctually show how the patient will look like, with the new nose. This is very important to see and examine before the actual surgery. Of course, less dramatic surgeries, such as Botox or facelift are less likely to meet negative effects in post surgery reactions, yet the recovering time is vital to follow, together with the medications and all precautions taken in order to avoid any complications.

Therefore, patients are highly suggested to go for such clinic, where they meet doctors who are earnest in what they can expect and also have a record of professional experience. The quality of Dubai cosmetic surgery today is quite high as of today, and if it continues like this, then very soon all of Dubai’s aesthetic surgeries can be offered as high quality institutes for both local and international clientele.

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