Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in Dubai

Dubai in the recent years does its very best to join the top countries in terms of medical tourism. With its high quality standards and with the employment of many of the top expertise surgeons and hospital staff in the world, Dubai Healthcare City is today the best quality and biggest medical complex, soon to be joined with a second one in Dubai, thanks to the huge success of top medical services. Naturally, plastic or aesthetic surgery procedures are also part of medical surgery methods, only rather aiming the outlook instead of the benefit of inside organs.

Here, we would like to represent you with the enlisting of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Dubai together with the enlisting of the highest quality clinics and hospitals that deal with aesthetic surgery and performs professional plastic surgery procedures in Dubai.

In Dubai, the following clinics do the highest range of plastic surgery procedures in the highest professional manner:
* American British Surgical and Medical Centre: This institute works with the US and International staff of star surgeons with tons of expertise and testimonials. Located within the Dubai Healthcare City, ABSMS also performs specific orthopaedic surgeries for professional sportsmen and all those who are in need of it.

* Dubai Surgery is rather an association that can be reached via its website and offers the services of some of the best Dubai plastic surgeons, which operate out of their respective Dubai hospitals or clinics.

* Cocoona: One of Dubai’s own, Cocoona is an Indian-Dubai beauty clinic that works with some of the most experienced plastic surgeons from Indian and the UAE. Cocoona performs a good range of medical and surgery procedures.

* London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery: Located in the Dubai Healthcare City, the LCAS offers high quality invasive and non–invasive treatments, many of which are based on methods patented by the leading surgeons of the centre.

As for the plastic surgery procedures, aesthetic clinics usually divide these in two classes as for non-invasive and invasive treatments. Out of the two, the invasive treatments require a proper operation and the proper medical expertise, tools and amenities, in order to make invasive treatments. Even those operations that are considered routine, such as liposuction are invasive treatments.

The top requested plastic surgery procedures include breast enlargement, liposuction and tummy tuck. Other well-liked operations include nose jobs, face-lifts, which include mini – or partial facelifts as well. There are of course other specialised procedures, which covers reconstruction operation or other rejuvenating operations such as the refining of the jawline, the lifting of decolleté or the reducing of breasts. There are further operations, that target the in time areas of patients too, yet most people prefer to stick with one of the above-mentioned plastic surgery procedures, sometimes having more minor treatments in one.

Dubai clinics are modern and have all the best amenities to care for patients. With heightened security, quality and cleanness checks, the Dubai Health Authority keeps also the clinics that serve medical tourism and plastic surgery industry in firm hands. Therefore, if you visit a clinic with a good name and having all the requested credentials and certificates, then you will be in great hands.

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