Cosmetic Surgery Rates in Dubai

In the past few years, Dubai has been trying hard to recreate itself as a real competitor on the plastic surgery market. This would be a great breakthrough in an emirate, which by far was famous for its trading possibilities, oil and jewellery industry. From the beginning of 2000’s, Dubai has been actively building cosmetic surgery market which has started to get well-known from roughly 2006, and today, the emirate has dozens of quality plastic surgeries, most of them having surgeons who have international experience or with surgeons who come straight from abroad. Of course, we would wonder how much a treatment would cost in Dubai after all, when the talk about Dubai surgeries is getting more and more a well-known fact.

Cosmetic surgery rates were never easy to catch, mostly because they may depend on the clinic, the surgeon and on the exact treatment. Other difficulty that comes in the picture is that each patient has different needs and sort of a customised treatment depending on exact symptoms. Another fact that makes the definitions of cosmetic surgery rates in Dubai is that most patients, who visit a plastic surgery, will end up having a combination of different treatments and therefore it is rare that one treatment comes alone or separately. A face-lift may include or exclude brow lifting or cheekbone enhancement for instance and Botox most patients will be persuaded to have around double the number of treatment that they were originally applying for. Therefore, rates stay unstable and arranged upon the first or second consultation with a surgeon. There are few clinics, which do come out with their price list, when it comes to cosmetic surgery rates in Dubai.

Dubai cosmetic surgery is not the cheapest in the world, therefore, it concentrates on making its services marketable especially for the UK and US expats and visitors, as these are the countries where plastic surgery is the most expensive in the world. Most Dubai surgeries automatically offer their rates in British Pounds, marketing the British market exclusively. Another pulling power is the good brand name or the bringing of star surgeons to Dubai in order to make a plastic surgery even more successful.

The cosmetic surgery rates are averagely 1500-3000 GBP less than in the UK and can be around up to 4000 USD cheaper than in the United States which means a lot of money, even if we take the travel cost in account. Of course, rates vary from one surgery to another in Dubai. Local clinics like Cocoona working with Indian and Dubai staff are cheaper than the ones who work with staff and especially surgeons coming to Dubai from abroad. The most expensive surgeries include the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery and the American British Surgical and Medical Centre, which employ star surgeons. As reported a few years ago, the most expensive Dubai cosmetic surgery is called Cosmesurge.

Although cosmetic surgery rates are not the cheapest in Dubai, what Dubai can offer for tourists is the thought of being 100% safe and the thought of having a star surgeon working on you to make you look your best. Besides, the higher rates are often drastically reduced with the help of those travel medical insurances, which many UK and US citizens can use in order to cover the bigger part of their costs.

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