Cosmetic Surgery at Dubai Hospitals

Dubai, as we all know has went through tremendous growth in the past decades by completely retransforming itself into being not only a business centre, but also the centre for culture, arts and the most recently also the centre of medical healthcare. In our article, we will explore the Dubai hospitals, healthcare centres in terms of reconstructive, plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Dubai has taken tremendous steps in reinventing itself as a centre of the best healthcare institutes in the world. With the creation of the first Dubai Healthcare city, Dubai has created the biggest healthcare complex in the world. Dubai Healthcare city today incorporates 100 Dubai hospitals and the Dubai centre of international medical institutes, also including medical schools and faculties. With the completion of Dubai Healthcare City 2, which is expected in about 5 years Dubai healthcare will be even more centralised and specialised in the same time.

With regards to plastic and cosmetic surgery, several cosmetic surgeries can be found in Dubai Hospitals, mostly those, which also do invasive treatments, which needs a prepared staff and all the necessary amenities which can mostly only be found in Dubai hospitals. Let us see the current best and most famous Dubai institutes that deal with plastic surgery in Dubai, with regards to their situation.

* American British Surgical and Medical Centre (ABMC) – having its own clinic building located at Abu Bakr Al Siddique Road, Deira, and Dubai: ABMC works with the best „star” plastic and orthopaedic surgeons from Hollywood and Beverly Hills such as MDs Jason Diamond or David Matlock among other great US doctors. The rest of the staff includes superb surgeons, each one being specialised, with each one having a long record of experience in quality international aesthetic surgery schools and institutes. ABMC is one of the few private Dubai surgery institutes, which has its very own hospital and which features the biggest choice of plastic surgery treatments.

* London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery – located in Dubai Healthcare City : Led by twin brothers Maurizio and Roberto Viel, both being certified plastic surgeons with lots of experience, practicing both in London and in Dubai, this clinic has a great reputation in Dubai and they do a wide range of treatments and operations. This clinic concentrates on beauty enhancing treatments.

* American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery Hospital– located in Dubai Healthcare City: with international staff, each doctor with international qualifications and long years of experience, this clinic has a great reputation in Dubai. This clinic is rather specialised in face and neck related treatments and surgeries.

Specialised plastic surgery institutes include the upper mentioned American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery Hospital or the Denver Cosmetic Surgery Clinics that deal with facelift related operations while ABSMC is an expert in terms of hair transplantations and orthopaedic sort of operations. Silkor, a famous Middle Eastern aesthetic surgery is an expert when it comes to laser hair removals. Surgery Dubai, the leading aesthetic surgeon Dr. Parashkar of which is also in team of Cocoona is specialised in all sorts of Body Contouring treatments. As for their situation, Silkor has its own clinics in Dubai with one located along Jumeirah Road and the other located inside Mirdif City Centre Shopping Mall while Denver Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is represented by and located inside the American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

Most Dubai plastic surgery specialists operate in multiple Dubai Hospitals and clinics or plastic surgery companies, such as Dubai Surgery includes a group of highly qualified staff each one practicing in different Dubai hospitals. In these cases, the treatments or surgeries will be done in the respective Dubai hospitals of the surgeon himself. This is a common practice in healthcare.

As for their specialisations, we suggest you to turn into those plastic surgery clinics who are not directly operating in Dubai hospitals, when it comes to smaller or non-invasive treatments, while definitely visit a Plastic Surgery located within or having its own equipped hospitals when it comes to invasive treatments, which include all treatments that require surgery.

Patients are always warned about having to check out on several questions before deciding which plastic surgery they are going to use. Common advices include getting all information, regarding staff speaking your language, being fully informed about all symptoms and side-effects that will or may occur during the post-operation healing period. Do not trust in such medical centres that heavily try to persuade you to undergo even more plastic surgery treatments and finally yet most importantly, invasive treatments are no different from any surgery, which require patients to spend weeks applying a healthy diet, having medical tests in order to prove suitability for the operation. If you undergo one operation that means, you should not plan any other treatments at least for 3 months after one operation. Liposuction, however, it may seem an easy process is, in fact, an invasite treatment that requires a proper operation. All reconstructive surgery needs a longer recovery period.

Doctors must be clear to patients when it comes to expectations. In several cases, patients may imagine a wholly different picture than the actual outcome will be. Therefore you must turn to such clinics which know how to deal with the stress of patients both pre-and post-operation and who offer multiple consultations before actually deciding on the treatment or plastic surgery itself. Trust only that plastic surgery which will do surgery at proper Dubai hospitals. Ad last, but not least, if you are a tourist to undergo a treatment check your {insurance} fairly well, in order to see if it will cover all or most of the costs of your treatment or whether you should purchase another insurance.

Dubai hospitals and clinics have great amenities and good overall quality, with staff speaking at least in English besides Arabic and/or Indian. If you are a speaker of other language, check out Dubai Healthcare City for a hospital that offers plastic surgery with staff which speaks your respective languages. Dubai has Austrian, German, French, Pakistani, Irani and Australian medical institutes among others.

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